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Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Viveck Ramaswamy makes a speech that goes to the heart of what is ongoing in our country today where the Federal government under the direct control of one political party and its law and justice powers have been subjectively weaponized for political purposes. You cannot or do not see and understand that?

Viveck Ramaswamy: 4:27 min.

Selective subjective law and prosecution is a political weapon called "Lawfare".

What is lawfare about? Keep your political opposition bogged down with BS legal cases based in suspect and untested legal theories and legal bills. And, if you can you put your opposition in jail.

Nothing more nothing less, it is pure Stalin, pure Mao, pure Hitler, pure Saul Alinsky strategy.

And if you are reading this you should at least know what I am talking about, and if you do not then YOU are a part of the problem.

Why is what is going on in America today going on? Political warfare desperation that has many country wide and worldwide implications and the many interests in the world that want and need for America and its strong and very effective Constitution to be hollowed out and made impotent.

Why is that? In order that there be a "fundamental change" (See: B. Obama) in the structure of the political and political power structure in America and the world America as founded where the individual and their self-interests and established objective Rights are paramount must be destroyed and rebuilt in a much less effective manner regarding those primary concerns where subjective political ideological wants and needs becomes paramount. And that is called Socialism.

And that in the end is what those who are driving this desperate political perversion and drive for absolute political power in the purely subjective application of law and justice seek in our government. Like it or not if you support what is currently ongoing in American politics and can only see your subjective perspective you are in essence supporting the destruction of your country's foundation and the people's objective Rights. Whether you be Left, Right or in-between.

Luckily our American Constitution was designed for exactly this kind of extreme desperate political warfare and in the end and over time it will counterbalance the subjective political warfare desperation. And the people will find some great measure of truth revealed to them about what the activities of those politically empowered are and have been up to and rectify it for the most part. That is the concept anyway, and that is what the political warfare is designed to provide, some measure of truth.

The political warfare, the battle and the struggle are what keeps our country and system of politics and governance healthy.

The American Constitution is constructed simply, and it is built strong and that is why it is being stretched and distorted in the extreme by those who are becoming more and more politically desperate to retain their political power.

Remember, there are no guarantees in political warfare in America where the human animal will pretty much do ANYTHING in order to retain or further acquire political power and control.

Understand the justification for such actions, see: STRATEGY OVER MORALITY (

So, in closing and given the current political field who seek political empowerment in the Republican primary race I now see and declare that Viveck Ramaswamy will be the vice-presidential candidate of the person who will become the Republican candidate for president based on what I have now consistently detected from his own statements and his apparent political understanding and philosophy. I may revise this in the future but for now this is what I see coming.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 8/2/23

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