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I have been reviewing the new battery powered pickup trucks offered by Ford, Chevy and Ram. And one of the features that I like is the "Frunk" (the no motor front trunk :).

I have a use for that feature.

I am also a good candidate for an electric vehicle because I really do not drive much. But in reviewing these new machines I have noticed something very significant in how battery powered pickups differ from traditional gas motor driven pickups. They as a general rule appear to weigh at an average of about 30% more than their gas-powered counterparts!

Curb weight: Ford F-150 4700 lbs. average. (Gas.)

Curb weight: Ford Lightning (EV) 6500 lbs.

Curb weight: Chevy Silverado 4500 lbs. average. (Gas.)

Curb weight: Chevy Silverado (EV) 8200 lbs. average. (I thought this was a typo)

Curb weight: Ram 1500 4700 lbs. average. (Gas.)

Curb weight: Ram REV (EV) 6500 to 7000 lbs. estimated.

Now as I understand in the electric vehicle movement the idea is that by not burning fossil fuels (CO2) in an internal combustion vehicle locally and replacing it with "clean" electric vehicles the pollution generated will be lowered and the electric vehicle is less expensive to operate. That as I understand it is the general concept anyway.

BUT..........what about the now required additional rare earth and iron / aluminum / copper mining, industrial need for additional fossil fuel use, aluminum, copper and steel production in order to manufacture the real world very heavy batteries and beefed-up frames.

Q: How would you like to be *T* boned or have a head on with an 8200 lb. electric pickup truck? OUCH!

AND what about this "new" technology and its effects on the existing infrastructure I.E. paved roads, bridges, parking garages, increased tire wear, massive beef up of generation and distribution systems in order to deliver the now growing energy demand primarily fostered by today's hyper paradigm shifting obsessed micromanaging your life government.

The reality appears to be that we are proposing to move the same or an increased number of people in heavier autos and trucks more cleanly and efficiently? And to my understanding physics does not work exactly that way. In order to do work whether it is lifting an apple or moving a car or truck of a certain weight a certain amount of energy will be required. You cannot move more weight with less energy. You cannot fool mother nature. Not to mention the previously increased infrastructure costs.

Displacing the production of energy and increased industry production to other locations in the name of lowering the CO2 footprint of a country while doing more work is still generally a net gain in CO2 and emissions. No? And I recognize that improvements in battery technology and performance are being very intensely worked on by many companies and I expect significant advances to be made. In time anyway.

And do not get me wrong, I am not anti-electric, not at all. If you want to drive an electric auto or truck for the many reasons you might want to drive one, I think you should have the ability to choose one and do so. If that is what YOU choose.

Government incentivizes and disincentivizes and it is not always an all-good thing when *IT* exercises its power. Everything has a cost.

Disagree? Tell me all about it.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 7/29/23

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I would only add to your comments that there is real concern about safety with regard to the recent spate of fires caused by these electric batteries--the worst one being the cargo ship in the North Sea that has been burning for 4 days! Also, while electricity itself may be "clean," it's not a natural resource, and unless there were hundreds (or thousands?) of Niagara Falls to generate electricity all over the country, it is most commonly produced by..... coal!

But I can certainly understand your feelings about the "frunk." I share them--not because I need any of that extra space, but because it is one of the most fantastic words I've heard in a very long time.

Replying to

Got a lot of junk in your *FRUNK*?

Yes, the fire potential is a very interesting potential with the battery powered vehicles. I do not know if by the numbers they are more prone to fires, but it is clear that if they do happen to become enflamed, they are not simple at all to extinguish. Not by a long shot.

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