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Updated: Jun 13, 2023


What have the radical, "progressive", we don't like America, authoritarian Democrats accomplished within the Democrat controlled cites around the country, who are now being inundated with illegals who are in effect about to take THEIR housing and resources and soon to be taking THEIR jobs accomplished?

Is what the Democrat party accomplished to date enough to install the more Conservative Republicans (And they are no bargain for other reasons) in control of all three branches of government? An interesting thought, no?

*Have the radical Democrats gone too far and the exact opposite of what they intend is about to reveal itself?

*Will the black crime ridden due to the Democrat dominated communities around the country save the country? Save America as founded? (Because if the Democrats do not have their reliable automatic 90 percent support among the black community they cannot prevail anywhere. The Democrats are in real terms apparently pissing people off and threatening their existence.)

*Are the black Americans around the country waking up to their new reality as mere owned tools of the Democrat party? (There is an ironic concept for you)

"We need to be taken care of first!' Chicago community where 97% voted for Biden react furiously after finding out 500 migrants are heading their way"

"One man demanded why any leader would put 'black communities' at further risk by placing unvetted non-taxpayers steps away from seniors, children and their homes" There is the potential that what I propose is a clear possibility in the upcoming 2024 presidential, Senate and Congressional races IMO.

But have the radical Democrats done such a devastating job in their attempt to destroy America and recast it in their "nonwhite", "male dominated", "retribution for colonialism", "anti oppressive" model? Is it now too late because they have in fact gone too far?

The radical Democrats are smarter than history, so they believe. The only thing that the radical Left Democrat has to offer is chaos, fear, racism, hatred, and their subjective authoritarian exercise of power. It is an old political power story that has been seen many times in history, and it don't end well.

And I am not talking about the everyday middle Left, middle Right rational, straight, gay or whatever American Democrats like you. I am talking about the radical Democrats that have many of you held politically hostage within your political party of choice. It's a political warfare strategy.

Are you paying attention yet America? J.G.L. 5/13/23

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