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I write about my opinions and interpretations regarding the Constitution, politics, the media and other things that interest me or make me laugh. And when I am writing about Trump and todays politics I am actually writing about Joe Biden and the perversions and corruptions that the desperate Democrat party machine is today in the process of perpetrating in America. And like it or not Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Socialist, whatever your political orientation you must face the fact that the Democrat party and their radical Leftist oriented corporate media handmaidens have gone way, way too far in their political warfare.

And that is through their radical desperation to win and retain their political power and through their true belief that America on balance is the problem and literally needs to be destroyed. And I do not believe that you as an everyday real American agree. But here we are.

You know it, I know it and the entire world knows it. And if you deny it then you are really a threat to all and everyone that surrounds you. In their Democrat party machine desperation, they have manifested the un and anti-American things that you see ongoing in the country. This is a fact, and you cannot deny it. The Democrat party and those who run it and set their agenda and political strategies are no longer concerned with America or being American. They seek in their Socialist authoritarian model that America be destroyed as formulated and recast in their preferred authoritarian top-down Socialist model. You don't see it?

You see it in every crazy and insane, illogical and anti-American anti common-sense proposal that they make. Like what? Prove it!

Hillary Clinton 1969 thesis: "There Is Only One Fight": Subject: Her admiration of Saul Alinsky.

Saul Alinsky: "Community organizer" (who have you heard that term associated with before?) "Beginning in the 1990s, Alinsky's reputation was revived by commentators on the political right as a source of tactical inspiration for the Republican Tea Party movement and subsequently, by virtue of indirect associations with both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, as the alleged source of a radical Democratic political agenda. While criticized on the political left for an aversion to broad ideological goals, Alinsky has also been identified as an inspiration for the Occupy movement and campaigns for climate action."

The Democrat party today proposes that Americas borders be held wide open for the entire world to flow in the millions and their generous welfare state benefits in the form of cash cards, free phones, free airfare, free housing, free healthcare, free education, free legal services, demands to work, demands to vote; all to be bestowed over and above their own citizens Rights and interests. You see it and you know it, please do not attempt to justify it.

The Democrat party today has systematically perverted and used the law and justice system in order to persecute and prosecute their political opponents. And that again, is plain to see and threatens the foundation of everyone's freedom and security in their own country. You are an American and you must NEVER allow any political party to do such things!

The Democrat party has embraced a policy of radicalism being pushed in schools and they are actively teaching Hatred, Segregation, Anti-Semitism and Racism. How do I know this as being a 100% certainty and fact? I have spoken to many teachers and those who occupy the highest levels in these institutions and I have NEVER had anyone disagree with my assessment. NEVER!

The Democrat party themselves call themselves "Democrat Socialists". Translation: THEY ARE SOCIALISTS! You are not a Socialist. True Socialism has never accomplished anything more than the subjugation and the oppression of the population that lives under their authoritarian rule. The evidence as an example? Review the Democrat party's record under the Covid / mRNA shot mandates and how it worked hand in hand with the media to force the people of America to accept having an experimental and unproven gene therapy drug be injected into their bodies OR LOSE YOUR JOB!

Dr. Fauci, the administration (D), the W.H.O. (not the band) and every Globalist / Socialist / authoritarian government in the world working in unison lied or mislead everyone about Covid, where it came from, what proven drug therapies and methods doctors were able to prescribe to treat Covid other than the experimental mRNA gene therapy "vaccine" or they would lose their job!

And many died because of this authoritarian Democrat crafted policy, and many are still at risk of dying or are permanently injured from the forced experimental therapy. Thank you so much for your heroic leadership, Dr. Fauci. Dr. Mengele has nothing on you.

This Democrat administration has adopted an insane energy policy that threatens Americas security, insane economic policies that threaten Americas economy and the economic stability of the entire world. The Democrat party has adopted a feminized set of policies regarding our military. Lip stick, blue hair, high heels and panty hose do not instill fear in an enemy. I can go on and on on this subject regarding the insane un and deleterious anti-American policies that the Democrat party machine is fully and actively engaged in embracing while they have political power. Etc, etc and on and on it goes.

A moralistic knee jerk Trump hater recently wrote in a conversation: "Trump who behaves like a mob boss.".

Related, BOOM! Matt Gaetz V Merrick Garland:

It is just embarrassing, not to mention that it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

Exactly what the Constitution is designed to counterbalance.

And my reply was: "You miss the point, Trumps perceived “mob boss” toughness is his great value.". Remember the rule, the first politician or their proxies who propose that they are telling the truth or are the more moral politician or proxy is a fraud. There is no truth or morality in politics. Government has no morality; the people have morality but not government. The truth and morality are not the business that politicians or government are in.

The problem with Trump in relation to politics and him being a politician? Trump breaks the rule and actually tells the truth about what he intends, and then he does it.

Like I said, when I write about Trump I am really writing about Biden. And I am really writing about you who seem to be confused about what is really underway right under your nose.

Politics, the most perverted, corrupt and deadly activity that human beings participate in. And that I believe we can all agree upon.

Remember, a vote for Joe is a vote for your next president. Gaze upon her, this is who, should Joe make it to the election, and that is questionable you will in fact be voting for. She really has a great smile :)

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 6/7/24

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