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How Ignorant, how mentally ill and irresponsible do those on the radical Left and within the Democrat party machine and some in the media demand you be? Well, lets find some of the most recent sterling examples.

First we have the mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, who makes a statement like this:

Mayor Adams responds to backlash over 9/11 comment

I suppose the mayor was attempting to tell everyone that BIG things happen in New York City. But in his very inarticulate manner. Mayor Adams is not among the most very articulate and intelligent humans if you have not noticed. He makes the observation that "You can see planes crashing into buildings". CLEARLY referring to the horrific events of 911. And in this follow-up interview he attempts to indicate that he was referring to the Sully Sullenberger miracle on the Hudson? Oy.

The mayor instead of just coming out and saying that he misspoke, he attempts to ham handedly bait and switch the public. Typical weak and weasley cookie cutter politician move. DISGRACEFUL! He attempts again to tell everyone that it is how you heard him and not what he in fact said and meant. He said and meant what he said and meant.

Now I do not expect Mayor Adams to be on the job for much longer given his recent on the street visit from agents of the FBI that rolled up on him in his vehicle and relieved him of his electronic communication devices. They typically do not do such things without either very good cause, or as indicated by recent history orders from the powers that be for political purposes. Either way, not good for the mayor. The only question remains IMO is, who exactly will replace him? I hold my breath.


The Senate a Licensed Sex Shop? And then we have another example of "Its you, not me" political psychological manipulation. A Senate staffer who CHOSE to have gay sex in a Senate facility, video it, and then post it on a web site for all and anyone to see. "Not that there is anything wrong with that" as Jerry would say. And what is the reaction? YOU have the problem, not him!

You have some in the racist "Transform America" retribution/ reparations / "equity" "news" media outlets attempting to compare him and his very poor choices to the likes of Ann Frank? Really!?

"NBC News version of reality: Democratic senator parts ways with staffer after Republicans Pounce™ on report in conservative media about him allegedly doing, you know, something untoward."

Once again they tell you that it is how YOU heard and interpreted the words or how YOU saw and interpreted the video with your own eyes. Its YOU not them. And I think by now you know what I think about such attempted insisted upon political manipulations, fraud and foolishness.

Related example of its YOU not ME: TAUGHT TO HATE: GUESS WHO? (

As the radicals become more and more desperate, we will witness greater and greater pressures being put upon the Constitution which is the foundation of our country and is what stands in the way of them and their authoritarian mandating that you think as they say.

And the Republican party is no prize either, they do their treachery in their own way. But the now radical "Transform America", "Equity", retribution and reparations authoritarian Democrat party at this moment in time poses a true existential threat to America and the world.

How ignorant are you really America? They desperatly need you to be and remain very ignorant.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 12/20/23

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