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Oh, it was without doubt a mistake. Boston mayor Wu, IMO, is just sorry the email was "mishandled" and sent to "those" people she is forced to associate with. This non inclusive holiday event only for people of color has apparently been a decade long tradition. Probably a tradition that needs to be forgotten and buried. This is not the way.

(Was the email really "mishandled"? I wonder? Sometimes "mistakes" are powerful messages.)

In the mind of the committed and fully trained in and indoctrinated "progressive" Democrat retributionisit it is not what they say or do, it is how you improperly hear it or judge it. YOU are the problem, not them.

She and they do not get it, they attempt to justify it. Remember, its you not them. She is more a supplicant, a pleader rather than a than a leader: Boston Mayor Michelle Wu defends electeds of color' holiday party after invitation backlash (

(Your dictionary: "Retributionist: One who holds that there must be retribution (vengeance, punishment) for transgressions." This is the "progressive" Democrat party mantra.)

Guess what? Mayor Wu is a graduate of Harvard. Say no more, "politically correct" bias and divisiveness is an institutional tradition at Harvard. Harvard Rallies Behind President Gay Amid Calls for Her Resignation (

Guess what else?

EVERYONE IS BIASED OR RACIST TO SOME DEGREE! In one way or another everyone has their personal biases and their preconceived notions about others based on their skin color, religion or orientation, justified and not justified, learned and indoctrinated. It is a human condition, be consciously aware of it.

What subjectively goes on between your ears, good bad or otherwise is your business. KEEP IT AND YOUR MORAL AND RETRIBUTIONIST COMPULSIONS TO YOURSELF. How you comport yourself in society, with your neighbors, friends and others, personal or professional no matter what is bouncing around between your ears good, bad or otherwise must be objectively based in mutual respect. That is the starting point for all constructive positive human interactions.

That is what must be taught and promoted. And that is exactly what many, especially those in the radical self-interested retribution politics mode refuse to teach and promote. Because it does not serve their self-interests and agenda.

How do you actually combat racism and bias? By teaching an expectation that there is a more perfect world where people do not think and act this way, like Harvard grad mayor Wu? A reality where those in government mandate by their subjective authoritarian judgment what you must think, say and do? Please God no!

What is the ONLY way to solve this what seems to be a growing trend in radical politics and by extension the society in general?

Teaching mutual respect, not teaching division and exclusion. Make the conscious choice, make the conscious distinction! Especially those empowered in government who are supposed to be leading.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 12/14/23

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