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Joe Biden has had a long career in politics, a long career in bloviating, self-aggrandizing and feathering his own nest over the interests of his sworn public office.

Self-aggrandizing: acting or intended to enhance one's power, wealth, position, or reputation boastful often in disregard of the truth.

And now at the zenith of his political self-aggrandizing position as the President of the United States, an office that he should never have been elected to he and the world is in the process of facing the truth about himself, his abilities and his desperation. Joe has been revealed.

Joe Biden is revealing himself, warts and all, no spin, no PR political bull shitting spin. This is Joe Biden. Joe came to politics and set up a very lucrative family business financed like many other treacherous politicians on both sides of the aisle by "Others". All bought and paid for.

What people are witness to, what the people of America are realizing is that Joe has got to go. And that is just the raw black and white truth about politics, it is a ruthless game. And if you choose to ignore that reality over and above the interests first in the instance of the Democrat party, a big no, no. And second, the interests of the country and attempt to force your candidacy through extortion, threats and strategically timing out the opportunity for another to take your place when you are obviously past your expiration date. That is the height of selfishness for a man that should have never been much in politics.

True leadership requires one to rise above themselves and become more than. Joe, surrounded by those who need his political protection as the president within his own family will never and can never do that.

This is who Joe Biden is, vindictive and uses his political power as a weapon: All in 55 seconds.

A true leader MUST rise to the occasion on their own and do what must be done for the greater good. And Joe Biden does not even come close to being that kind of leader. A true leader he is not, just a tool of his superiors in politics.

I never liked Joe Biden, always saw him as the stereo typical sneaky, dishonest used car salesman with fake teeth. Once a bullshitter, always a bullshitter.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 7/10/24

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Jul 10
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Joe Biden is everything you say, and much more. Anyone who has been paying attention for the past 30+ years (or 50+ in my case), is well aware of what a soulless, little man he is.

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And still the battle rages on. Choose your wing.

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