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Updated: Feb 10

And so, the dual law and justice juggernaut system in America barrels on. Just one more James Comey laying out all of the multiple reasons that Hillary Clinton while Secretary of State should be indicted, and then justifying not doing so event?

The Biden Justice Department has concluded its investigation of President Biden and his retaining of Top-Secret documents while he was the vice president. The investigation found documents that then Vice President Joe Biden did not have the legal right to possess. And a number of these documents which the then vice president did not have the legal right to possess were found in open boxes in his garage and accessible to whomever. Absolutely no legal right to have them and no form of security that should have been accorded such documents regarding national security.

And the DOJ findings? The current president was and is guilty of retaining documents that he at the time as vice president had no right to possess but he will not be prosecuted because he is not mentally competent to stand trial for his security failures. Does the DOJ's findings create a brand-new aspect to the issue of presidents' retaining documents AND the coming 2024 presidential race. No and yes.

No, it does not create a brand-new aspect to PRESIDENTS retaining documents because a president has the absolute right to see and retain documents. The Supreme Court has already ruled on presidential document retention right issues.

And Yes, because current president Joe Biden at the time he retained the secure documents that were found unsecured in many places including his open garage in open boxes did not have the right to retain them. And the DOJ has also gone the extra mile and taken Biden out of the realistic contention for the next presidential race because of his lack of mental competence. Will Joe Bidens cabinet and the extension of the Democrat party machine have to invoke the 25th Amendment?

Maybe, Joe will not go willingly or quietly. Joe knows that his protection and the protection of his family members lies in his retaining the power and privilege of the presidency. And for him to have to pardon his family members and himself before the 2024 presidential election would spell death for his legacy and his party's ability to prevail in the presidential race in 2024 and possibly much further into the future.

The strategic retention of power and privilege is always paramount in politics.

So, the DOJ strategically keeps the Trump documents case somewhat alive and before a court tying him up in lawfare AND they have made Joe Biden a non-entity regarding the 2024 presidential election. Joe is for all intents and purposes done as a 2024 presidential candidate. The "phone call" or political "hit" has been made, only Joe for the moment chooses to dismiss it. There is no coming back from your DOJ's assessment.

The trend in Objective law: SUPREME COURT ARGUMENTS ON INSURRECTION ( How do you justify removing someone from a ballot because you subjectively and for political purposes have determined that they have committed insurrection? And NO ONE has been charged with insurrection. You take your shot and you either win or lose.

How do we fight political warfare in America? LAWYERS, COURTS AND MONEY.

Can you have your cake and eat it too? The normal everyday Pedestrian Realm answer is NO. But we are talking about politics and the Political Realm where that potential taste of cake is never a excluded.

And now the question remains: Who will the Democrat party candidate for president and vice-presidential candidate be? Joe Manchin (D) and Nikki Haley (R)? Is that likely? Kamala? Not likely, she will also receive the "phone call".

My initial guess at this time would be mirror loving Gavin Newsome, "progressive" Communist governor of California for president, because that is exactly what he has been positioning himself to do. No matter how much he says otherwise. And many propose that Michelle Obama would be the power default choice. You know because she is such a well-qualified all-American "I have never been proud of my country" politician and leader of men, women, countries and the planet earth. Or maybe some combination of those two?

Right now, the CCP Chinese and the Russians are very happy authoritarians. Things are rolling in their favor. Money well invested / spent all around.

And while that is the current rumor opinion, I do not know that that would be such a great choice, especially if Michelle Obama were to have to face a D.J. Trump on the campaign trail and in a debate. Both her and her husband, former president and philosophical Marxist and apologist for America, Barak Hussein Obama are all about what Joe Biden has accomplished in American politics. And that is a stink that will not be easy to shed, especially with D.J. Trump being who THEY would be running against.

American politics, the greatest show on earth! Bye, bye, Joe, your time as a Democrat facade is over.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 2/9/24

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Feb 09
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Ah yes, the "Gigante defense." I expect to see ol' Joe walking in the Rose Garden in a bathrobe soon. Can we start calling him "Joe the Chin?"

Replying to

Joe the "Chin" but he is also in control of the system that judges him. And that is a sweet place to be :)

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