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Joe Lonsdale: "Late last month, the world watched something extraordinary: San Francisco cleaned up its homeless mess, practically overnight."

All for a visiting Communist Chinese dictator. Then it was back to normal, human poop map and all. And the California government (D) does all of this right in the face of its tax paying citizens, the entire country and the world. Just one more big Liberal government, authoritarian, do as you are told SCREW YOU! Embrace the BROWN!

"With non-ideological policies rooted in incentives, accountability, and competence, we will show a better way and build a brighter future for our urban centers."

Who the hell is Joe Lonsdale!? And why is he attempting to have accountability, competence requirements and sane policies in regard to the homelessness problem (government / NGO Industry of failure and cash flow) in America? Why does he want less people living, crapping and dying on the street? I like this guy; billionaires usually know how to actually get stuff done. Ask George Soros, billionaire, he has been very successful, specifically in San Francisco.

Judge them by what they do, not by what they say.

I suggest you read this short article if you are scratching your head about how and why all of these people are free to live, crap, urinate, take drugs, have sex, be abused and die on the streets of your country. And no one in government is really concerned with helping them improve their lives and live a life. They are just going through the feel-good get nothing solved motion$.

I have cherry picked the article for the juicy meatballs of truth and reality. See what you think.

Joe Lonsdale: Published Dec. 2, 2023: This is how to make homelessness policy work (

"To activists that make a living managing — but never solving — the homeless crisis, our reforms are a nightmare."

"What does matter to them? Incentives. And right now the incentives are terrible: the more homeless there are, the more money they get."

"One of San Francisco’s “Permanent Supportive Housing” programs had a startling 25% death rate. But it was lucrative for the non-profits that were paid to oversee the overdoses. "

"They do, however, have incentives for virtue signaling, and for building political machines to turn out votes and donations for progressive politicians who will keep providing them with funding — and little in terms of oversight."

"In the years from 2018 to 2021, the city council doubled spending on homelessness to $179 million. That meant more money for progressive groups. "

"Far-left politicians and activists believe that if they can convince the public that capitalism is failing — for example, by parading widespread homelessness outside banks and offices (the symbols of capitalism) — they can radically alter those systems. "

"Supervisor Dean Preston, one of the chief architects of anarchy in San Francisco, told the socialist magazine Jacobin as a candidate, “people are homeless because of the complete and utter failure of our capitalist economy. Or maybe not failure… Maybe it’s working exactly as it’s supposed to.”

"It goes back to Marx and his idea of false consciousness — citizens in a capitalist society are blinded to the root cause of all problems (capitalism)."

Yeah, that Marx really had prosperity, freedom, "equity" and not having to produce a human poop map nailed down. Think of what he could have accomplished if he had thought up "Climate Change"? Didn't see that one, did you Karl?

Why does a modern American city in 2023 have an official municipal need for a human poop map? It is only necessary only in a "progressive" Democrat run city and state.

God, is this one of your crazy ironic jokes? Because I know that is how you roll with the irony. Very funny :) Enough, please.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 12/3/23

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