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If you are on your summer vacation and have not been keeping up with the news, particularly what is going on in Washington D.C., the other day there was Congressional testimony given by Devon Archer, former very tight partner of Hunter Biden. And this was not a sworn testimony, but I recently became aware that any testimony before Congress must be truthful under penalty of law.

And if you have not been paying attention this interview with former Democrat Congressman, Jeff Vandrew of New Jersey pretty much to my thinking summarizes what was discovered in Mr. Archers' testimony.

Congressman Vandrew's conclusion? This testimony which was very specifically about the current president and "The Brand" which apparently was his political office and an ability to deliver certain policies in government that served certain customers purposes, has now "risen to the level of treason".

And then we have this interpretation of the Devon Archer testimony by the esteemed down the middle Harvard law professor and Constitutional expert, Jonathan Turley.

Johnathan Turley: “This is shaping up to be one of the greatest corruption scandals in the history of Washington, and that is saying a lot,"

"And you have these allegations that money was transferred through a really amazing labyrinth of accounts to hide these transfers to the Biden family. But the lies about saying ‘I had no knowledge, no involvement with these foreign dealings’ become more serious when one asks ‘why was he lying?’ Why did the president lie during the presidential campaign? Why did he lie as president to say he had no knowledge of the dealings when he is now repeatedly connected to these dinners and events? We even have an audio tape of him telling his son he’s in the clear on these dealings. I mean, at some point the American people will gradually resent being played for chumps.”

If you remember Paul Manafort who ran D.J. Trumps campaign for just a short time was speedily given a massive prison sentence for being an unregistered foreign agent under the FARA requirements which he started by being thrown into solitary confinement. Which is exactly what Hunter Biden, and his partner, Devon Archer was also apparently involved in. They too apparently were unregistered foreign agents.

"Paul Manafort was sentenced to 73 months’ imprisonment, including the statutory maximum 60 months for the conspiracy to violate FARA (Manafort is due to serve an additional 17 months stemming from his conviction in the Eastern District of Virginia".

"As part of a 12-count indictment of Paul Manafort, prosecutors included charges that the longtime Republican operative misled the government about the nature of his work for the Ukrainian government under the Foreign Agent Registration Act, or FARA."

Manafort knew too much and was prosecuted for FARA violations for working for the Ukraine government, just exactly like Hunter Biden was working. Only more better.

And president Trump was impeached by the Democrat party machine for making a phone call to the then current president of Ukraine and asking about the "arrangements" made by the Bidens in removing the then current Ukraine prosecutor, Vicktor Shokin. Who was criminally investigating the Ukraine company Burisma that Hunter Biden and his partner were both board members of and being paid $83,000 each per month for their services. And these payments are apparently in addition to the more than $17 million documented dollars that have flowed into the Biden "organization". How high will that total go? How many million$ in how many LLC's? Stand by.

You remember: "If the prosecutor is not fired, you're not getting the billion dollars".

Joe Biden bloviating and massaging his ego as he accomplished his task, getting the Ukraine Shokin fired for his $5 million:

Then president Trumps phone call to Zelenski apparently was a bit too much and was cutting a bit too close to the bone for the Democrat party machine and the evidence and unraveling of what we are witness to through testimony just the other day. It is reasonable to assume that those in Democrat leadership all knew what was what regarding the Bidens activities and they had to take strategic political action. And that action was the impeachment of Trump.

See: Strategy Over Morality to properly understand. STRATEGY OVER MORALITY (

Are you, Democrat, Republican, Independant American beginning to understand how all of this politically ties together? And are you seeing how the participation of the primarily radical media in not reporting any of it for the most part indicates just how much they knew the Democrat party machines truth was in danger of being revealed?

This is our system, this is our process. The people in time will have revealed to them to some great degree the truth related to what their politically empowered by the people politicians are and have been up to. And then they will pass judgement at the ballot box. This is by design. That is the concept anyway.

And so soon the Kamala Harris for president candidacy campaign will begin. Get your campaign donations ready.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 8/1/23

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