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Updated: May 31

Listen to him: Federal prosecutor, Andrew Weissmann: 1 min. says it all.

Former assistant Federal prosecutor, Andrew Weissmann (D) statement: "This is the first time in this country that we have a criminal trial of a former leader of this country, either present or former leader. But this is not the first time that any Western Democracy or another countries have engaged in this process that is we think of ourselves as sort of American exceptionalism and that we are unique and that we are a country of the rule of law, but this is the first the first

prosecution (? unintelligible) that we can do what many other countries have done, which is hold their political leaders who have engaged in corruption to account".

"Weissmann grew up in New York City, where he attended the Ethical Culture Fieldston School. He subsequently attended Princeton University, where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in 1980. Following a Fulbright scholarship to the University of Geneva, he received a Juris Doctor degree from Columbia Law School (1984). He then clerked for Judge Eugene Nickerson in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York. He is of Jewish descent."

Mr. Weissmann appears to be a trained and indoctrinated man of the world, a man with a Globalist perspective. A man who believes that America needs to get in line and not lead the line. And there are many in politics that agree. I do not.

The key takeaways of Mr. Weissmann's remarks: "Engaged in this process" (the process of extreme partisan political warfare), "We think of ourselves as American exceptionalism", "That we are unique", "We can do what many other countries have done", "Hold their political leaders who have engaged in corruption to account". This is the overall general attitude of the Democrat party and those who lead it.

Mr. Weissmann, who is without doubt one of the main orchestrators of the "Get Trump" Democrat political warfare movement for the Democrat party machine, without doubt. And we can see by his own words exactly what he believes his prime directive as a Democrat lawyer and a former federal government prosecutor is. Mr. Weisman as are all of the other Democrat party machine legal and political soldiers have long ago abandoned the concept of American exceptionalism and the unique Objective equality before the law and justice characteristics contained within the Constitution. They in their elitism long ago abandoned it.

They believe that America is not unique, and they believe that America must behave as all other countries of the world and surrender its sovereignty to "others". They believe that like other countries such as Venezauela, Cuba, Bolshevik Russia, CCP China that there should be an elite empowered political government class that must have the say over what the country is and is to become. No matter what the majority of the people think or how they vote. And they seek to persecute and jail their opposition, just like the others. And you can plainly see that fact by their actions. And they are not shy about it.

Mr. Weissmann through his own words and his education and work pedigree perfectly illustrates what we are all witness to in the courts of America that have been utilized like never before as a political cudgel and weapon for all those who oppose their elite Liberal culture of dependency perspective leadership and agenda. And their agenda is dominated by your obedience to their authority.

And if you become a real and present existential threat to their political power and authority? You see what you get. They would rather destroy America and turn it into a Bolshevik like nation where everyone must live in fear then surrender their political power. That is where we find ourselves.

Given Mr. Weissmann's statements should we now look forward to the Hillary Clinton indictments? The Barak Hussein Obama indictments? The Joe Biden impeachment and indictments? The arrest, indictment and prosecution of Dr. Fauci? No, none of that will you be seeing. All of the above and many others are deserving of what Mr. Weissmann indicates should be done: "which is hold their political leaders who have engaged in corruption to account".

The Democrat machine is willfully and by necessity blind to and must destroy everything that does not support their authority and Subjective morality. And they will by their own words; "Do whatever is necessary and by any means" to retain their power.

And so, our system and the process specified by the Constitution in the end is designed to accomplish one important thing. It is designed through the back-and-forth political warfare to reveal to the public some degree of truth so that they can direct THEIR country. There are consequences or should be consequences when unjust or perverted and corrupt actions are taken to ensure the retention of political power and control. Mr. Weissmann might be concerned about his own perversions and corruptions of the law?

The people are watching it all. And only the people can right what has been perverted and rendered broken and very dangerous to their freedom.

How do we fight political warfare in America? LAWYERS, COURTS AND MONEY! This is our system; this is our process. Having fun yet? All potentials exist, no guarantees.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 5/31/24

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