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I received an email in response to the "Evidence of voter fraud, it's a Duck" post the other day:

A friend writes: "So, if Mr. Innocent (the 45th president) Before Proven Guilty, is convicted of any of the 91 felonies he's facing, all the jurisdictions are conspiring against him🧐 Pretty big conspiracy!"

Yes, yes, it is a pretty big conspiracy. The biggest and most overt and non-hidden out in the open desperate political conspiracy in American history. What do you think all of those 91 charges, criminal or otherwise have been thrown out there for against the #1 Democrat party machine opponent in the coming 2024 presidential contest? Tell me.

Let's see, who has indicted the 45th president who is the "greatest threat to democracy" AND by the way the greatest threat to the Democrat party machine and their radical "fundamentally change America" agenda?

1. Alan Bragg: (radical "progressive" no bail no jail, BLM sympathetic Democrat) NYC, Manhattan, district attorney who has indicted the Democrat party's main opposition political candidate with paying off what is alleged to be a sexual "Big Boobs" dalliance who threatened to reveal the encounter during a political campaign. 45 likes Big Boobs, I like Big Boobs, is that a crime? No, not when it is between two consenting adults, if in fact that is what happened. Not illegal IMO.

If anything, shouldn't SHE be indicted for blackmail? Oh, but she used a lawyer to deliver the suggested $300K donation. Her own lawyer has already been arrested, tried and jailed! And this particular political candidate greatly threatens the now radical Democrat party machines radical Leftist Sorosian agenda. And who has donated massive amounts of money to install this particular NYC no bail, no jail district attorney? Yes, you guessed it.

"Soros also donated $1 million to Alvin Bragg’s successful DA campaign in Manhattan"

2. Tish James: (radical "progressive" no bail no jail, BLM sympathetic (?) Democrat) NYS attorney general who has indicted Trump on a civil charge related to the estimated valuation of real estate as I understand it. Real estate valuation is based on some technical comparative property values used by very experienced banks related to price and valuation. And is a function of a subjective determination related what something is worth, both by the buyer and the seller / financer. The banks that were defrauded and lost money? None that I am aware of, so that would be zero, they all made money.

"We found that Mr. Trump, his children, and the corporation used more than 200 false asset valuations over a ten year period,". Really? What bank was defrauded and lost money? None that I see. And who funded Ms. James political aspirations?

"On multiple occasions before and after her election, James accused the president of money-laundering, offering zero evidence. She promised to “definitely sue him,” and since her election, she has made good on that promise. While she has admitted in court that she doesn’t have any evidence of wrongdoing, she has never retracted her public assertions of criminal activity. She has spent much of her time in office on anti-Trump fishing expeditions."

3. Jack Smith: Mr. Smith has charged the 45th president with possessing documents that the former president was legally able to possess, and charges related to Jan. 6th 2020 riot in the Capital. Of all the people in the country the president as I understand it is legally empowered to have the documents that he possessed in order that his people can go through them in order to establish his presidential library. And the 45th president apparently did not return and surrender in a timely manner certain documents to the library of Congress. Is there really any there there? Stand by, Mr. Smith does not exactly have a stellar record related to such kinds of political charges and trials.

"The Supreme Court also rebuked Smith and warned that “the uncontrolled power of criminal prosecutors is a threat to our separation of powers.”

And the 45th president is charged with I guess encouraging political protest in contesting the 2020 presidential election. " Go to the Capital and peacefully protest", and that is called political speech and is not a crime. When the government is able to turn political speech as unpalatable as you might think it is into a criminal act then America is over. And that in the end is really what the Democrat party machine, Sorosian influenced and financed, globalist, U.N. agenda seeks.

I have a good question for those prosecutors who are concerned with what happened on Jan. 6th: Who on the inside of the Capital building pushed the button to open the non-breach able magnetic locks that are on the doors? Now THAT is something I think should be at the top of the list of questions to be asked by any serious federal prosecutor about Jan. 6th, 2020.

4. Fani Willis: Georgia, Fulton Country prosecutor. "Willis was born in Inglewood, California. Her father was a member of the Black Panthers and a criminal defense attorney". Fani Willis is a prosecutor in one district out of 14 districts in Georgia and is prosecuting the former president for attempting to influence the 2020 presidential election results. Wouldn't that be the responsibility of the Georgia state attorney general and not a lowly single prosecutor in one district? And how many other prosecutors are joining her in her quest to take down the 45th president? That would be, ZERO! She is the only prosecutor with the agenda.

Contesting a result in a political election in a very close presidential race is an obligation under the Constitution for any candidate and it is called political speech and is not criminal.

Alan Dershowitz, Constitutional law expert on the Georgia indictment:

Who pays for these very partisan kinds of prosecutors? George Soros: "The 12 races Soros targeted touched nearly every part of the country, with Soros-influenced elections taking place in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Mississippi (two), Georgia, and Florida."

So, what about "Mr. innocent" and the conspiracy against him?

Laying it all out as I have It certainly does look like a concerted effort or unspoken understanding by some politically appointed or elected officials in one political party (D) in the law and justice business that are making indictments based on a political agenda in order to control and influence the coming 2024 political season. 100%. Sounds to me like they are all just good soldiers.

And who are they apparently making these politically driven accusations and indictments in relation to? The one political opponent that represents the greatest threat to their un and anti-American, destroy America as founded and hollow out its Constitution, WEF / U.N., mandated experimental injection, remove America from dominance in the world and embrace the CCP model of authoritarian "progressive" model of governance. Don't worry, if they are successful, you will not need to think at all in the future or be concerned about much of anything.

And this is exactly what the Democrat party machine is all about. Conspiracy? How divided and unconscious does the Democrat party machine need you to be?

"Everyone’s favorite Bond villain, Prof. Klaus Schwab, says that now that “the base has been formed, we have to go one step further. “We have to restructure the world. It’s a systemic transformation of the world,” and we have to decide how this will look. He sees totalitarian China as a “role model,” and hopes to hear their “strong voice in Davos.”

Looks like a duck to me, how about you? (Remember: Politics is the dirtiest, filthiest most corrupt activity that human beings participate in.)

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 8/21/23

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Donald Trump is a former President of the United States--a uniquely powerful and influential position, so it takes a big conspiracy to take down a big man. Or, as Emerson quoted, "When you strike at a king you must kill him." Anything less is suicide (political, in this case).

Replying to

And that is exactly what these radical Leftist Democrats are engaged in, have no doubt. They IMO want to create a situation where violence breaks in defense of 45 and so they can through the police or military are able to arrest or eliminate as many of those who stand in their way. Have no doubt.

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