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Updated: Nov 28, 2023

MSNBC claims that Trump was over whelmingly booed recently at the Palmetto Bowl.

I think I heard 3 people as Trump was being driven to the stadium entrance booing.

"The crowd's jeers can be heard roughly 10 seconds in."

Three people in a stadium that holds 100K people booing, is that really "Jeering"?

And then we have the moment Trump actually entered the stadium and walked onto the field. Is that jeering, or is that massive and overwhelming cheering??

You listen to both perspectives and tell me, where is there truth and reality?

The media as well as the now radical Leftist controlled government administration (D) are DESPERATE, they must lie and attempt to decieve you in order to manufacture a favorable to their political perspective reality. They are the ture enemies of you, the people, and all of our freedoms.

There is a raging battle on for your mind and your vote in the media. The media and the Democrat party machine are DESPERATE to own both your mind and your vote. But they can not do so if you know the actual truth over and above their raw, naked and desperate deceit.

Trust NONE of them either in the media or politics by their words, only by their deeds.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 11/26/23

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Nov 26, 2023
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I and millions of Americans agree with you

Replying to

We will see where that gets us all. Remeber, trust no one in the media or any politician by their words, only trust their deeds. And we can plainly see what those deeds are.

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