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This questioning of the DOJ's lawyer, Mr. Dreeben by Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch goes exactly to why a president MUST have immunity from most everything that he or she may initiate or participate in. As determined by Them.

Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch grill DOJ lawyer on a president's immunity:  5 min.

A president cannot Subjectively do whatever they please like a King or a dictator, and that is why they are surrounded by lawyers and advisors. But a president like it or not must enjoy a wide spectrum in what they can or may do regarding the fiduciary responsibilities of their politically empowered office. As determined ultimately BY THEM.

Why? Because a president represents fully 1/3rd of the power of the government and as an individual is superior in law to all others and can only be held accountable by the Congress and the Senate, and ultimately the people. That is how this works, by design.

Is a president's political speech and actions subject to criminal prosecution? A president is ONLY subject to what you might call a criminal prosecution initiated by Congress. Congress as a political body would have to determine that a president went way over his or her charge as a president, over the line and into extreme unconstitutional illegality and then vote to impeach him or her. Then the Senate would have to have a trial and through a 2/3rds majority vote to remove them from office.

That is the structural logic of the Constitution and what it intends.

And then a president could be charged as a Pedestrian Realm civilian and prosecuted by the DOJ. The DOJ in my estimation has short circuited the Congress and the Senate on the immunity issue and has with biased intent become a political weapon of the current opposing political party and president.

And it is little by little being revealed IMO that Nancy Pelosi (D), former Speaker of the House, in direct control of the security of the Capitol on Jan. 6th, as well as some anti Trump RINO's were directly involved to some degree in the Jan. 6th operation that ensured President Trump being accused of "insurrection". There by poisoning him from ever gaining political power again in the future. Brilliant ballsy political strategy!

The Constitution structures the political framework, the battlefield and the general rules of the political warfare. And what are the rules in warfare? That is a rhetorical question. Take note: Politics is the dirtiest, filthiest most corrupt activity that human beings participate in. JGL

The Constitution essentially structures the two realms of American existence, the civilian Pedestrian Realm, and the politically empowered Political Realm. And a president upon being politically empowered by the people is transformed and exists firmly in the Political Realm with their required and appropriate immunity related to the discharging their fiduciary responsibilities, as determined by them.

You have a problem with their actions? Take them to court, remove them from office.

A politically empowered president is not a civilian and it is incorrect to apply the morality, justice and rules of the one onto the other.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 4/26/24

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