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Updated: Apr 3

The short version: "The scariest thing about EV batteries: 5 min. 30 sec.

The longer technical version: Electric vehicle battery fires: 29 min.

The potential for the future if the government continues to irrationally push and massively incentivize the absolute change to EV personal and commercial transportation, residential, industrial and commercial electrification?

I will not resell preowned electric vehicles:

And I am not anti EV, not at all, the technology has its place and the aesthetics of most of the vehicles is beautiful. But it certainly is not the perfect solution that it is being proposed as being. The growing potential for extreme disaster in America and the world is apparently one small crash, a charging malfunction or puncture accident away.

Truth in most anything and everything is not the job of government, political agenda, power and control is. Use your common sense regarding such things, you and your family will be much better off.

Related real-world story: A friend who is an electrical contractor purchased a Ford Lightning, he thought it was appropriate given his occupation. I check with him every now and then on how he likes it. The cost to his company? $100K, "Like making a mortgage payment" :(

He loves the truck, its beautiful, fast as hell, comfortable and it glides down the highway. BUT, he has had to have many program upgrades due to programming "glitches". He plugs it in at his home to a full charge, drives just a short distance and it loses 40% of its range. Uh.

He attempted to sell the Lightning and was offered only $60K for it, a 40% loss after one year owing it. He is way upside down.

In the end he had to buy an additional bang around I.C.E. (Internal Combustion Engine) auto for long trips and feeling secure in his ability to get where he has to get when he has to get there.

Follow up:

Remember: Truth is not the job of government or any politician that becomes politically empowered. Government has NEVER told you the truth.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 4/1/24

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