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Are you interested in buying an EV? I think that if you are interested in owning and driving an EV that you should buy one, by choice that is.

Everyone that I know who owns an EV I always ask them: "How's your robot doing, still like it?". The people that I personally know primarily own their own homes and they have their own charging systems installed and charge at home. They primarily own Tesla's. They either Love or Like them.

But what about those who do not own their own home and are dependent on public charging stations? And what about if and when you need to charge up at a public charging system far from home? In bad weather or extreme cold? Now that is a whole nother thing entirely.

MGUY AUSTRALIA: EV charging is a disaster and always will be: 8 min. 45 sec.

What is involved in the public charging experience? Stress, Time, Range Anxiety, Rage, Diminished Grid or Throttled Capacity, Long Lines, Inoperative Stations, Computer Glitches, Diminished Range Due to Cold, and Confusion. I have watched many, many people who drive EV's testimonies on the road or without a private charging capacity that have experienced all of the above.

Not to mention the concerns that the home charging of your EV could result in disaster while you and your family are asleep: 3 min. 33 sec.

And you might argue that in time these concerns will be diminished and solved through technology advancements, and that may be so to some degree. This entire leap in transportation technology and the interruption of natural markets based in demand by the customers' needs and wants based in the "Green New Deal" political Ideology / Religion is a growing potential disaster. A disaster that is much worse than the environmental problems that government allegedly seeks to solve.

The government incentivizes and disincentivizes and this EV push by government based in political ideology has a short- and long-term rolling disaster potential. What else could result?

I say buy an EV if you like, by choice.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 3/22/24

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