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Updated: Aug 12, 2023

The other day I spoke with three teachers.

The first teacher has worked in the New York City education system for 12years and has decided to take a job elsewhere in upstate NY. Ah the country life :)

The second teacher moved from New York City to Florida during Covid because of the attempts to force him to take an experimental "vaccine" into his body or lose his job.

And the third teacher is a 30-year private school teacher in New York State.

Early in the day the first teacher told me that she and her family were moving and she was getting a new job in upstate NY. And my comment to her was: "From what I can detect (and I know and talk to many, many teachers in the course of my week which I base my opinion on by their words and the stiff terror in their eyes when they relate their experiences. They are in the system, and they must endure it and it is too late. If they want to collect their pension, they have to suck it up. It is very sad to me.).

The New York City department of education primarily now teaches hatred and racism as a requirement related to the radical "progressive" "politically correct" agenda. And why is that? I will get to that later, keep reading.

The first teacher did not hesitate for one second in agreeing with me. "Absolutely, you are correct, that is exactly what is going on in the schools today", she said.

The second teacher, and my conversation with him is what inspired me to write about this subject. He fled NYC during the Covid authoritarian oppression and moved to Florida and thought he found a good and secure job in a fancy private school. His first assignment? Fill in for a teacher who was away for a couple of days.

So, he shows up to class, middle school kids, and walks into class and all of the students just ignored him and walked around and past him like he was invisible. Ok, nothing unusual here IMO, this is probably a typical reaction concerning an unknown fill in teacher in a classroom.

How does a teacher in that position then establish control and order? A moment of strong leadership? Or weakly asking the children what they wanted to do? Children as a general rule from my memory and experience want and need strong reasonable balanced structure and leadership, it is how we learn how to function in the real world. Children crave structure and leadership and absent of reasonable balanced structure and leadership there will be "Lord of The Flies" chaos in a classroom as a general rule.

So, he stands in front of the class and shouts out, "Yo!". (And remember, he is from the boogie down Bronx). And all the students stopped and turned to him. And he says, "everyone sit in your seats take out your assigned book and read what you are supposed to read". And they apparently readjusted themselves and did as they were instructed. And of course, he was being recorded. And I do not know if it was an in-class video, or a student collected video.

And in the course of the day the children apparently asked their temporary teacher if he could remain and be their permanent teacher. He must have been doing something right?

And you of course know what is coming, he was unceremoniously fired the next day because of his "aggressive" teaching style choice. The evidence against him? Him raising his voice in class. But the children asking if he could remain their permanent teacher part of the video was left out. He immediately acquired another job not in the teaching profession and is happily living in Florida. (Too damn hot and humid for me)

The third teacher who has been teaching lower grades for 30 years in a private school I had dinner with and told her of the two other teachers' stories. And again, in one second and with no hesitation, she told me, "Oh yeah, you are not allowed to tell kids anything anymore, you will upset them". And that is the administration's policy.

And so there you have it, strong, reasonable, balanced leadership in a teacher is no longer desired or allowed in schools in America. And then you might ask, "Why is that? That seems counter intuitive to children actually learning anything of value in relation to the real world.".

And now we get down to what is in fact ongoing in our country and the world regarding politics, and the "progressive" and "politically correct" agenda. And here is the rational.

From the founding of America, it has been the white man and the Judeo / Christian / Western European culture values that has structured our law and justice systems as well as being the governmental structure that allowed colonization and slavery. Everything that the subjective radical Left believes from what I can see sits squarely upon that foundation.

And this is how the "highly educated" and very "superior" politically empowered, ideologically very subjective and authoritarian perspective is justified. The Constitution resulted in colonization and slavery and colonization and slavery is bad, therefore white man and Constitution bad and so it must all be destroyed, razed and then rebuilt in a "Proper" manner.

Like all things radical Left and "politically correct" there are nuggets of truth to their arguments. But "nuggets of truth" is no reason to destroy and raze what is in the pursuit of a "more perfect" subjective new paradigm model. There is no "more perfect model". All subjective governance models are authoritarian and must result in authoritarian do as you are told governance and rule. And that is counter and 180 degrees to the intent of the Constitution which is structured in an objective theory of law, justice and governance. Good, bad or otherwise.

And that really is where the entire "progressive" "politically correct" mostly Liberal, now radical Leftist philosophically Marxist whether they like it or not in education and politics players receive their justification for this destroy America as founded strategy. These radical Left Leaning players are fully indoctrinated through the very same education system and are true believers and are now in power and will stop at nothing to attain their lofty "righteous" goals.

And reprogramming the children in the many irrational and perverted ways that you can plainly see is an essential component to that "righteous" goal.

Margaret Thatcher on Socialism: She says it all in 1 minute and 43 seconds.

You are a teacher? You are a "progressive"? You disagree with my assessment? Please tell me all about it.

Are you paying attention yet America? What are you going to do? JGL 8/8/23

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