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I was listening to the radio this morning (770 AM) and this story was related by Sid Rosenberg, and Curtis Sliwa himself verified it all. And it is a 40 plus year old story! The most genuine AM radio talk show in New York City.

Who would have thunk it? There are those who need to characterize Curtis Sliwa, (And Trump for that matter) or any other effective politician who are neither anti-gay nor are racist as both anti-gay and racist. Which is exactly how those on the Left in the Democrat party MUST characterize any effective politician who opposes their dynastic political power. Curtis Sliwa was and is way, way ahead of his time.

And you must admit that Curtis would have made a far, far better mayor than the mayor of New York City today given the increasingly controlled by the radical Left and the increasingly desperate, Eric Adams.

Curtis Sliwa is without doubt the most driven, fair minded, inspiring, knowledgeable and interesting public figure in New York City and hopefully will once again run for office. And this time both the gay population and the black population will get a reality check and do themselves and everyone else a big favor and put him in office.

Curtis Sliwa a far, far better, honest, respectful, rational and more competent choice for mayor, by miles and miles. A true progressive.

"A long time before I started acting, I worked at a McDonalds in the Bronx and my manager at the time was Curtis Sliwa, pre-Guardian Angels and radio talk show host."

"Ralph and Vinny marched regally into the building, down the fluorescent-lit hallway, and into the thickly festooned community room, where they exchanged vows and rings and were married before-well, before Curtis Sliwa. Then we partied and ate food from aluminum trays and drank rum and RC cola from paper cups. Curtis danced the Robot all night long, way too intensely, his eyes wide and distant, dripping sweat and poking out moves in a freakish trance."

"If it's scandalous to out the founder of an urban paramilitary organization and right-wing talk show host as the trance-dancing mock presiding minister at a gay marriage ceremony more than thirty years ago in the South Bronx, then I've dropped a bomb. But for me, Curtis Sliwa was a Freedom Rider." JGL 6/22/23

Before Trump was "Racist", it is always the same desperate political story: (4) I Thought They Said He Hates Black People Though🤔...Another Lie They Told Us - YouTube

Paying attention yet America?

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