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A Federal Judge sets some parameters for someone who has never had any:

HUNTER BIDEN IS REQUIRED TO: 1) NOT possess a firearm 2) NOT use or possess any controlled substances (including marijuana) unless prescribed 3) Submit to full federal supervision 4) NO use of alcohol AT ALL 5) Seek active employment 6) Submit to testing for prohibited substances 7) Participate in substance abuse therapy


1) Immediate issuance of an arrest warrant 2) Revocation of release 3) Forfeiture of bond 4) Prosecution for contempt of court

Do you think this is fair? Unfair? Do you think that Hunter will in the end just be pardoned by his father?

This is our system, this is our process.

And like it or not you do not throw it, our Constitutionally based more or less fundamentally objectively based system, out the window just because you do not subjectively like it. Our Constitutionally based system is messy and fraught with political warfare, and that is what keeps our system viable and healthy. Embrace the chaos, embrace the battle.

Disagree? Tell me all about it.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 7/27/23

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"Fair" or "unfair" have nothing to do with it. I doubt whether Prince Hunter, AKA the 53-year-old "kid," is able to even grasp the idea that any kind of rules might apply to him. His complete arrogance and entitlement, along with that of his father, are seen again and again throughout history, usually with less than favorable results. I applaud the judge for her efforts, but she may as well be speaking in Urdu for all he will comprehend.

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