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Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Embrace the chaos and corruption!? Are you crazy, what are you talking about?!

I do not mean that you should embrace the actual acts of corruption and the chaos that becomes the result of the attempts at covering up or obfuscating the facts. Not at all.

A good friend, my buddy George, a true American patriot, writes to me this morning in response to this short video I sent him made by Congressman Andy Biggs: (4) Andy Biggs Details FBI's 1023 Form About Biden 'Bribery Scheme': 'We Learned Several Things' - YouTube

"I am so pissed about lack of fairness".

A lack of fairness? In politics? George, Politics is not about fairness, nor is it about truth; politics is about the control of power and who it is that maintains that control. This is a prime example of the difference between the Pedestrian Realm reality and the Political Realm reality described in Strategy Over Morality (Scroll down this blog and reread it). Is there fairness in warfare? Warfare political or otherwise determines who controls. This is political warfare like all politics is, especially in America.

So, to look for fairness in politics when fairness does not exist in politics becomes an exercise in frustration and a waste of time. Better to look for over time the revealing of the actions taken by those in power and how they attempt to retain their power and look for just how far they are willing to go in their self-interest.

If our system of governance is working as designed over time you (The people in the Pedestrian Realm) will become aware of these abuses and with that knowledge you will direct your government. You will further empower it or you will choose a different direction and those in power will lose what they all crave. That is the theory anyway and that is why it is also sooo important to be aware of who and what is in control of the voting and tabulating systems. That too is a battlefield. Why? Because ultimately that activity determines who is in control.

And the Bidens good, bad or otherwise are really not the point here. They just serve as a vehicle to prove the point and to reveal the true nature of the human animal as it relates to power, political power and the ever-present potential of the abuse thereof. And not all politically empowered individuals in politics will abuse their power, but the potential is always present both as individuals who seek power and as a member of a group.

What is ongoing right now in our country in my opinion is a very good thing, scary but ultmately good because it demonstrates the power of the intent of the Constitution and what it was designed to attempt to counterbalance. And when you are able to arrive at that optimistic point when all you can see around you is chaos, confusion and frustration as you look for some measure of fairness then you know all is good in America. This is our system; this is our process.

When should you really worry? When everything appears to be running smoothly and there are no controversies, and no one's abuses, or corruption is not being revealed. Then you know that you are near the end because you know absolutely NOTHING, your information and reality is totally controlled.

Stand by George to see just how well the social experiment in governance concept was thought out and if its proof of concept is demonstrated over time to be valid. It was built for exactly what it is being tested by today.

The caveat: Always remember in this social experiment of governance THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES!

(And I use this picture of the January 6th riot in this piece as an example to illustrate my point. What was it? An expression of Politics, raw and in the buff. Both by the extremists on the Right and the extremists on the Left. Operatives on both sides were participating in the action in order to further secure their political power interests. Both did great harm to our country by their actions and there is no excuse, I reject both! Political warfare is a dirty filthy activity.

BUT we in the Pedestrian Realm because we live within the great American social experiment get to have revealed to us over time the truth as best as we can determine about both sides. And that is what makes America unique, there is no alternative to the political warfare in the long term in my opinion. The battle itself structured by the Constitution is what keeps us moving positively into the future. If not it, then what?

A revealing question: Who inside the Capital building during the riot opened the doors? And why? Now do you see it clearer? It is not about the particular individuals making the choices about how they choose to further secure their political power, it is about the process in the long term.) JGL 6/24/23

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Jun 24, 2023

I’m with Howard Johnson!


Jun 24, 2023

Two thumbs up.

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