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Updated: Jun 5

If you are an everyday hard-working tax paying Democrat, like many who are in my family and are among my friends and you continue to vote for the same policies that have been delivered to America what you will read below, then YOU are the problem. A very serious problem. But you can do something about it.

From the president (D) on down, this Democrat administration and those in Congress and the Senate, like Charles Schumer and the like, over nearly 4 years is actively destroying your country for their own political power and control. And this lawlessness that has been imported into the country in the interests of that power and control is plain for all Americans to see.

*I might be able to justify voting Democrat in 2020, maybe, barley. Did / do you really believe the results? Not me, too much evidence indicates otherwise. And so, after the last almost 4 years by the evidence, what do you believe you are going to get from the Democrat party machine after the 2024 presidential election if you allow them to prevail? You will be getting Kamala Harris as your president, that is for sure IMO. And that should scare the hell out of you. And you will be getting much more illegal immigration and them all getting amnesty and even citizenship. If that is your goal, then I say keeping doing what you are doing. If not, I suggest you craft another voting plan.

The Democrats have bet that the opening of the borders and openly inviting into our country any and all who desire to come here without any vetting will result in exactly what you see in the above story, and we are all in growing grave danger because of their cynical and IMO desperate surrendering of Americas borders to any common murderous criminal to enter.

You see it, you know it, but you may not want to be as honest with yourself as all the rest of America needs you to be. This is not a dismissible "Conspiracy Theory", this is the hard reality growing in America due to the overt political strategies and actions of the Democrat party and those who today guide it. And where are they guiding America to? Wide open borders and a generous welfare state cannot be sustained, and America remain a functioning Democracy. We are more likely to turn into the very country that these murderous criminals are migrating from in order to conduct their criminal and life-threatening activities.

You as an American and your political associations and knee jerk allegiances have created in the short term, like it or not, a danger to you, to your family and to your entire community.

What will you do?

Note: Americas strength does not lie in its "Diversity" as the radical "progressive" now Leftist Democrat message master's continuously transmit in order to justify their treasonous actions. This proposal attempts to justify a wide-open essentially nonexistent "Globalist" border and an unvetted immigration policy funneling every individual on planet earth to America and its generous welfare state benefits. This is an outright "moralistically" based lie designed to destroy and not strengthen America as you understand it in the interests of those of the Democrat / RINO / uni-party / Socialist orientation. And as we have established in earlier posts: There is no morality in politics, there is only winning political power and control. America welcomes immigrants who legally enter and qualify to become American.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 6/3/24

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