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Updated: Apr 8

Now I love Jesse Lee Peterson, he makes me laugh, kind of a human mirror with his up front, brutal and direct style of questioning the insane self-destructive self-excusing realities of the wacky partially educated "woke" Left. He just has no tolerance for it.

The man that he is interviewing, I do not know who he is, that is not really important because he is representative of the problem. He is I believe wearing what is a traditionally called an African "BOO BOO" and insists that the Black race were the first people on earth AND they built the pyramids. AND they in addition apparently built pyramids on Mars. And they as well built a giant Egyptian style face on Mars. And he makes these statements as per the conclusions and statements of a certain TV science interpreter / science explainer who is seen very rarely now. I wonder why?

And what exactly does it mean if the Black race was the "First" human form on planet earth? How does that relate to today? It does not relate or mean anything, just one more meme and hollow symbol. Just more living in the past psychological game to be played. What good, what progress are you making and accomplishing today!?

This is some of the silliness that the "Equity" / Reparations / Black Marxist / BLM / Communist agenda is based.

Instead of focusing on excellence and merit these political operators and indoctrinators focus on silly symbolism and they are lost in ridiculous hollow memes. I know many fine and very industrious Black, Brown and White Americans. I just call them Americans. And they are having none of much of this self-limiting silliness.

Have there been abuses in America's past? Yes, there have, but we do not live in the past we live in the present and we MUST move positively into the future. Black, White, Brown or whatever. Our American discontent, much of it fabricated for political reasons is just an opportunity for our enemies in the world and it weakens us.

The past can NEVER be relived and if you are seeking to in some way relive something that never can be relived then you are not looking to move positively into the future you are looking for retribution. And that is a dark place where progress and freedom go to die.

In retribution is the opportunity for political propaganda, manipulation and control. It is the Socialist and the Communist that must have these kinds of opportunities in order to acquire and retaining their power. And they must be denied.

And that is sad because that is what the so-called educated adults in America are teaching the youth both White and Black and they do them all a great disservice and harm and have become a threat to America and the worlds future.

Political propaganda and manipulation of the first order and it needs to be rejected with extreme prejudice. It really is childish and a social crime and a treason against the young and the country as a whole.

Some people deeply and desperately believe things and in that deep desperate belief is their self-fulfilling self-delusional reality. And it appears that he man in the BOO BOO being interviewed knows nothing of history or science or much of anything of what he speaks, these are just "things" that he "heard".

And "things" that you "heard" are not what real reality or science is based. Some people will willingly believe what Subjectively fits their agenda and call that good.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 4/7/24

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