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Have you ever heard of "Ghost Cities" in China? Well, they are real, and the video below clearly shows what I am talking about. And they represent and are an indicator of a great destabilizing threat to China and its global ambitions of domination.

China Just Built 1 Billion Empty Houses for Nobody: China Just Built 1 Billion Empty Houses for Nobody - This is Insanely Bad - YouTube Watch from the beginning.

The Chinese economy is based in an authoritarian command model. The Chinese government commands that something be built, and that is what is built. Not necessarily based in an existing market demand. And that is exactly why the Globalists like in the WEF, the U.N. and the now radical "progressive" Democrat party are so enamored with the model, there is no one to argue with them no one standing in their way and what they have determined MUST be accomplished. They are all natural Subjective authoritarians. Whether it be a dam, a building, a highway or whatever, what the Chinese government demands be done is done.

Why do the Chinese people put all of their money in empty cities that no one lives in? 1. Because that is really the ONLY investment vehicle that the Chinese people are allowed to have, and it is totally controlled and guaranteed by the government. AND, 2. The Chinese people are sooo superstitious that they will not move into an apartment that someone else has lived in and finished that someone else has stored their wealth in as an investment because it would bring bad luck.

This Chinese CCP authoritarian Socialist economic command model in time must fail, sooner rather than later. And that is exactly by the evidence what is underway. BUT, the Chinese leadership has very clearly stated that they intend to dominate the world at all costs. And now we are talking about the CCP Chinese main obstruction to their very clearly stated world domination goals, and that is very clearly the United States of America, that is YOU!

And the next question that must be asked: What is it that the CCP Chinese will not do to fulfill their ambitions of world domination? And the answer to that is nothing. All and every strategy is on the table and is being employed right now as you read this. And when we are talking about unlimited strategies then we are talking about Strategy Over Morality, read it if you have not already and let's begin to really understand what is going on in America: MY POLITICAL LENS: STRATEGY OVER MORALITY (

From the Chinese master of warfare, Sun Tzu: “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” The Art of War

And what are we witness to in America today? A radical Left "progressive" political party in the form of the Democrat party clearly internally diminishing their own country all the while telling everyone that they fully embrace the Globalist / WEF, "America must no longer dominate the leadership in the world" / U.N. / "Climate Change" Agenda. (And the RINO Republicans are no better, they are both mostly bought, paid for and compromised controlled opposition IMO). And what do we see in today's news that supports that theory and contention? The Art of War.

1. Borders held wide open and flooded with millions of military aged economic refugee men from around the world. Open Borders Facilitate America's Race to the Bottom » Dispatches (

2. Taxpayers forced to pay for the privilege of the invasion of their country and providing illegals housing, food, medical and their children's education. Shocking Cost of the Illegal Immigration Crisis to Americans | The Heritage Foundation

3. Deadly drugs of all kinds flooding into the country and their components coming directly from China. The China-Mexico fentanyl pipeline: increasingly sophisticated and deadly | Opioids crisis | The Guardian

4. Globalist agenda pro-China controlled Leftist corporate media entities and politicians promoting anti American perspectives. World Economic Forum chair Klaus Schwab declares on Chinese state TV: 'China is a model for many nations' (

5. Purposeful "progressive" indoctrinated Leftist Democrat party manipulations in law and justice administration and its weaponization by entities in higher education interested in destabilizing America. Progressives must destroy American history to complete their new order revolution - Washington Times

6. Incentivizing looting and shoplifting for minority inner city population causes destabilization and fear. Philadelphia faces second night of widespread looting (

7. The disarming through law of the everyday American and the empowering of criminals. The first thing that Hitler, Stalin and Mao did? Disarm the people. California gun control: Governor Gavin Newsom signs law taxing gun industry and limiting where firearms can be carried | CNN

8. Law enforcement, the justice and court system clearly being weaponized and used against those in politics who are resistant to surrendering the Constitution to the Globalist "New World Order" CCP model "progressive" Democrat model of Subjective authoritarian control. The Left Supports the Constitution — Except When It Doesn’t | AllSides

9. Compromised election, ballot collection and tabulation laws and systems primarily controlled by the Democrat party. USPS Confirms Truckload of 288K Completed Ballots Went from N.Y. to Pa. in 2020 - Headline USA

10. Trans agenda in the United States military. Biden’s transgender military ban reversal, explained - Vox

All of the above and much, much more is IMO evidence of an organized strategic overt and covert agenda and movement from within by the politically empowered and without designed to diminish America, its Constitution, its military and primarily to further empower China. And that is not by mistake.

Our American president and his administration has done everything while in office to pander to and empower China. That is what I see.

As China continues to find itself the victim of their own deficiencies and abuses of authoritarian power and perversion of economic theory and freedom, they need a counter warfare strategy concerned with the infiltration and destabilization regarding their main enemy that stands in the way of their global dominance ambitions, the United States.

And that is exactly what we are all seeing live, in color and in slow motion. The Democrats cannot win without systems in place to subvert and destabilize the vote, and China also needs to do the same. No difference between them, winning at any cost.

All Subjective forms of governance must force their will by any means necessary and can only be authoritarian. Are you an authoritarian?

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 9/28/23

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