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Updated: Sep 13, 2023

When is science not science? When we are talking about non serious, subjective, emotional, predetermined, result oriented "Climate Scientists" that work for what is supposed to be the premier American space and science government agency.

This is IMO a commentary about the entire "Climate Change" issue and "the science" which is now primarily being used as a core fear generating issue for a radical political movement in search of absolute governmental control over populations. The sun and the earths position and angle related to it is the primary driver of ALL climate change and humans have little to no influence over it. And based on this non science based "scientists" emotion laden conclusions about climate change my opinion has more credibility.

Who can argue with someone supposedly in authority who tells you we are beset with an existential climate crisis? There is nothing more existential than climate, right? If it's going to kill us all something MUST be done!

Clean up energy generation, particulate and chemicals in the air and the environment as well as industrial production. And America leads in all categories. Further develop the various clean energy and industrial production technologies, that is reasonable and sane. But what is going on today especially in America is about politics and absolute control over populations and NOT about climate change.

"The article's opening passage reads as follows: 'Last September, before the rains came, my field team learnt that it was probably too late for half the blue oaks affected by California's drought in the region in which we were working. Miner, also a Fellow at the Center for Climate and Security in DC, goes on to claim: 'Because of years of ongoing drought, many of the trees would not recover from the long-term water loss and would die."

"The next morning, I sat outside our science team meeting and cried."

"The account from the accredited Climate Change Institute Research Assistant Professor - who had been referring to the state's current 20-year megadrought - did not address other droughts in the region throughout history, many of which have lasted more than 200 years."

Who exactly is doing this accreditation? The now all radical, Leftist oriented, social science, politically driven Ivey league universities and houses of higher education? And what is the result?

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 8/31/23

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