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Updated: Jun 13, 2023

School Board member calls police chief a "skinhead" over a speeding ticket:

I have never seen or heard a more disrespectful police officer in my life! (Sarcasm)

Did he have to threaten her with calling an ambulance for her and her apparent panic attack?

And now we see the result of all of the mind games that are played in politics and in the media that bounce around in the publics heads. And I am not saying that being pulled over by the police cannot be stressful, because it is, and it can be. And it can quickly spiral out of control if the stress gets to you and the officer is not as objective and professional as this particular officer was.

Stressful especially at times if you are a minority, I can understand her initial response to some degree. But the woman is an affluent and I assumed a sophisticated professional and a mother driving with her child going to school in an affluent neighborhood. This was morning during the day and not at two o'clock in the morning under suspicious circumstances.

And stressful especially if you as an adult approach the interaction in such a high pressure and out-of-control subjective panic manner mode. And again, I understand her initial emotional reaction being a woman of color given all of the crazy that we are all witness to, but there was no threat nor was there any disrespect.

This to me was just a stereo typical SNL worthy skit treatment reaction at best. If the woman that was stopped by the police officer saw this video, do you think she might see things in a different light? And upon reflection I would hope that she would offer the police officer and her daughter an explanation and an apology. But I am not holding my breath.

"Good morning officer, is there a problem?"

What happened to "Good morning officer, is there a problem?

Yes mam, you were doing 37 in a 25 MPH school zone in the morning when children are going to school. May I see your license and registration? We have come a long way in America, and we still have got a long way to go to get to anything that resembles a new and reasonable normal. For everyone.


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