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I listened to Rush Limbaugh for many years, and I did not always agree with what he said or his interpretation of things in the world and in politics, but he was a more Conservative intellectual force in America to be considered and listened to.

And Rush would always have his unique ways of identifying the radical Left when talking about the growing more and more politically mentally ill and partisan anti American Liberal and Leftist talking heads in media. And one of his favorite's was "Chuck" Todd, he always referred to him as "F" Chuck Todd.

Rush was asked: What does the F stand for? (laughing) Well, think of Chuck-U Schumer, all right? It's the best way I can explain what the F stands for in F. Chuck Todd.

And I agreed with both his descriptions on both men. Two peas in a pod, both radical anti-American, anti-Jew, racist cause division anti-Constitution radical Democrat party representatives. And here the political spin tool, "F" Chuck Todd attempts to put a virtuous shine on Joe Biden and his alleged motivation for running for president. Which is a lie.

Joe Biden was putting the country before his family? No, no, no. The general rule is to reverse all, and every statement made by the Left and any Democrat and then you will see their real truth.

If you choose to watch the Mainstream News MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS etc. then you are being psychologically manipulated and lulled into apathy and self-hate. Stop watching it! They don't call it "Programming" for no reason.

I have a very different interpretation on now President Bidens motivation for running for the presidency. Joe Biden was very aware that President Trump was on his trail regarding Ukraine and how his son was being paid $3,000,000.00 dollars for access to the then vice president in order to garner favorable consideration in the Burisma attempt to enter the American stock market. And of course, the elimination of the criminal corruption investigation of the company that was being run by a Ukrainian prosecutor that threatened it all.

Remember this: Joe brags about withholding a $1 billion dollar U.S. loan guarantee that he controlled from Ukraine if the prosecutor investigating Burisma and his son was not fired: 1 min. "You're not getting the billion dollars. Well son of a bitch!"

It was IMO the documented $3 million paid to Hunter from Ukraine corruption, payoffs and access buying by the Ukraine and the estimated $30 million from the CCP Chinese and payoffs from many other country's being funneled into the vast LLC Biden political access machine business being revealed that was Mr. Bidens motivation to run for president. Being vice president is a big deal, you have access to it all. But being the president is a really big deal and all of the sins of your past can go away if you can attain both and you can sleep easy.

But if you allow an outsider opposition player to attain real political power and control then you can never rest easy while sitting in your big beach mansion and driving your classic Corvett around town. And that is exactly why Joe Biden ran from his basement for president. He had no other choice and the Democrat party machine made sure he prevailed.

And this is why President Trump was impeached for a phone call. If Trump was allowed to follow the money it would lead directly to the vice president, to the then President Barak Hussein Obama and to the Democrat political machine. All controlled and covered for by the FBI and the CIA leadership. They know how things really work and where their bread is buttered. All traitor$ to their country to my eye.

And here is back up to what I propose: Nancy Pelosi admits her failure in the Capital security on Jan. 6th which she plainly admits was hers: HERE IT IS BOYS AND GIRLS: PELOSI RESPONSIBLE JAN 6TH (

So, the Rush Limbaugh "F" Chuck Todd tag seems appropriate for one of the biggest radical Left Democrat operative media spin tools embedded within media. Believe nothing any of them say or propose. Why? Because if their lips are moving, they are lying.

They all lie, they have to lie to you every day, and that is how you must understand all those in politics and in the media. They lie because it is their job. Truth and morality? That only exists in your life and is never a consideration in either politics or the media. Truth and morality are your job, and you perform your job at the ballot box.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 6/12/24

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