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The choice for what?

Trumps vice presidential choice for the 2024 Republican presidential ticket and the logical candidate for president in 2028. Trumps choice for vice president must be perfect, they must tick off ALL or most all of the requirements because the real heavy lifting in saving America from the current authoritarian radical Democrat Socialists is essential.

There must be really strong and unassailable, reasonable, rational, benevolent more Conservative Constitutionally based leadership both in the Trump administration and the following next two administrations. That is clearly a must.

And remember, Trump does not have a stellar record on choosing those who surround him, especially regarding his treacherous government bureaucracy learning curve. Has he learned anything?

Tulsi gabbard, an asymmetrical potential Trump choice: 5 min.

If you are paying attention, what is it you are seeing in the media? You clearly see those who are supposedly on the Trump short list, Ben Carson, J.D. Vance, Marko Rubio, Doug Bergam, Byron Donalds (My number one pick), Elise Stephanic etc. What are they saying in interviews? They are being very generic in their rhetoric not wanting to get too over their potential vice-presidential skis.

"I will serve in any capacity that moves the Republican agenda forward and I support Trump in defeating the Democrat party and saving America". Or something similar. Very much all are making cautious canned comments that you would expect of someone who is "On the list".

But Tulsi Gabbard, who was a Democrat and has very specifically rejected with extreme prejudice that party because they have all become insane desperate Socialists who are hell bent on restructuring America in their exclusive Globalist authoritarian more "Equitable" DEI model. Anyone who votes for a Democrat at this point in 2024 is just surrendering America to that authoritarian Socialist model. You are by default un and anti-American in other words.

And here Tulsi is embracing the MAGA movement: "They are stealing our Democracy": 3 min.

Tulsi is transformed, unafraid and is unbounded in her now Conservative comments. And there is great freedom in that condition and in the demonstration of true leadership qualities.

Now I have my issues with her, after all she was a politically empowered elected Democrat party player and I fundamentally trust NONE of them and what comes out of their mouths, Left or Right. But Gabbard is the only one to my eye really forcefully saying what needs to be plainly said without reservation and drawing that bright line between what America has become due to the Subjective law and justice radical Democrat party's agenda. And what America must once again embrace, the Objective law and justice intent and the individual freedom and property rights of the Constitution.

Two 180 degree diametrically opposed theories of existence in America and the world.

Tulsi Gabbard IMO is more actively campaigning for the #2 position on the Republican presidential ticket than all others by not really campaigning for it. If you know what I mean, but she is saying all the right things. Has she truly been transformed? Could happen.

She is a woman, served honorably in the Army and rose to the level of Lieutenant Colonel, was a Hawaiian Congressperson (D) for 8 years, she speaks very competently, she resigned from the Democrat party, and she is very attractive. It's a nice package. However.

She was a supporter of Bernie Sanders who is a Communist, she was on the World Economic Forum's list of "Young World Leaders", age 21, she endorsed Joe Biden for president. Need I go on? Was she too idealistic naive in her youth and is now transformed?

"This is commonly how people become a World Economic Forum YGL. They select people whom they believe can add some benefit to their organization and then email them telling them they have been selected.". Viveck Ramaswamy was also on the WEF list, and both had to take legal steps as I understand it to have their names removed from it. Makes me uncomfortable on both of them.

Also, Tulsi was born to American citizens in American Samoa an unincorporated territory and not on American soil and that may not be acceptable as per the Constitution regarding becoming the president.

A too good to be true political package? A truly transformed former Democrat American patriot? Or a sleeper WEF / Globalist operative being groomed and inserted into the highest positions in America ala Barak Hussein Obama and the world for "Fundamental Transformation" purposes?

Remember, Trumps choice must be PERFECT or as close to perfect as possible. No symbolic second banana.

Hey, no one ever said that politics at this level would be easy for you :)

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 6/23/24

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