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Updated: Jan 31

There has in recent history been a very concerted active effort to destroy America as founded and usurp and make moot the Constitution that structures it. And you could probably make the argument that this began under the F.D. Roosevelt administration? And then if that is so it was extended and put on steroids under the Harry S. Truman administration when the then president and company created the C.I.A. And then we were off to the races.

"The CIA evokes images of clandestine activity, spies hiding in corners and covert overthrow of unfriendly government regimes. However, when Truman established the organization in 1947, he envisioned something much different -- a sort of daily newspaper, informing him of developments around the world that could impact American policy. Yet even during Truman’s own presidency, the CIA did evolve to become much more than a news agency for the President as covert operations began in earnest early in the agency’s history."

This governmental action essentially formerly established the "Deep State", or the parallel permanent upper case Political Realm dominated government bureaucracy in America. As opposed to the temporary transient elected lower case "political realm" government which is "chosen" / empowered by the people in the Pedestrian Realm through the election process. A process that as we can plainly see is now very highly controlled, hamstrung and the results thereof are highly questionable.

Controlled by that very same very powerful operation within government and their fellow associated three letter agencies in the form of corporate media infiltration and various other ways of establishing dominance over those politically empowered in government who to some great degrees are controlled. See: Jeffery Epstein? James Comey? J. Edgar Hoover? Presidential "Wing Man", Eric Holder? Merrick Garland? Bill Barr?

Bureaucracy: A system of government in which most of the important decisions are made by state officials rather than by elected representatives.

And like all things related to power there must be those who are in true control of it to some great degree. But as we all understand that the nature of power and its accumulation is that it will be coveted and abused. And that really is what the Constitution is designed to attempt to counterbalance. Yes, I drone on and on about this point endlessly, but you must grasp and properly understand it. No apologies offered.

And now where do we as the American people find ourselves?

The moment if and when America loses the reserve currency status in the world is the moment that you, me and everyone else on the planet will understand what true chaos means. You will learn what authoritarian rule means. And that by the stated agenda will be by 2030?

Caveat: Choose one country or group of countries that you think has the capacity and is the best country to maintain an objective and strong reserve currency status on planet earth: America, CCP China or Russia or some combination of the last two? There is only one choice IMO. But that choice is apparently being perverted by our own government and those within who seek to change that economic paradigm in the world. Starts with "T" ends with "EASON".

America’s dominance is over. By 2030, we'll have a handful of global powers | World Economic Forum ( In order for this new world power paradigm to be manifest Americas Constitution must be made irrelevant. Be careful what you wish for.

And I will speculate here and propose that this ongoing operation in the pursuit of Political Realm power and control was pushed the hardest when the "feel good" President Barak Hussein Obama was installed into office and in his final year announced that his agenda was to "Fundamentally Transform America". And this front man for the "Transformation of America" was and I believe remains a philosophical Marxist / Globalist / Authoritarian / Retributionist or similar. And he was very well rewarded financially regarding his leadership.

Barack Obama's property portfolio: the notable properties | Homes & Gardens ( Barak and Michelle Obama's net worth estimated at $70 million dollars.

One president is richly rewarded by the for a job well done by the RINO / Radical Democrat / Deep State / Corporate machine. And another president who is totally America dominance focused is penalized by the RINO / Radical Democrat / Deep State / Corporate machine. That is what it looks like to me.

America is clearly being delivered through the active destruction of its economic, military and social systems with the active flooding of its borders by non-Americans to the Globalist agenda. And to my eye by the permanent "Powers That Be" within government, corporate media and corporate America who now are internationalists / Globalists and are no longer to be considered true Americans governed by an Objective Constitution. If they are successful the Constitution will be made but a hollow Subjective, authoritarian, do as you are instructed symbol.

I suspect either way there are things coming in America and the world that you thought would or could never happen. It's called political warfare for a reason.

In which political power structure exactly do you Objectively see your individual self-interests and the interests of your country lie? And are you happy with what you are witness to?

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 1/29/24

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