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Non-binary person, 33, in Canada wants taxpayers to fund $70k surgery to give them a vagina AND keep their penis.

BOOM! Who would have thunk it?

They want this AND they want someone else to pay for it all!

Just make up and justify in your own wacked out mind whatever makes sense to you, hire a lawyer and throw it out there.

Keeping in mind that I personally have no problem whatsoever with what decision an individual of age might make for themselves. Even extreme decisions that may come with existential consequences. No problem at all, I understand that I or government cannot stop anyone from doing whatever it is that they are determined to do. If you are that committed to something I will respect your adult decision, go for it. Although I may not exactly like or approve of that decision.

BUT, there are lines. Do not attempt to force others as of your right and force of law to pay for or be required to like and embrace your extreme decisions. Remember everyone, civilizations, countries and governments perish in political correctness and the "woke" / "progressive" agenda.

Stupid and getting stupider.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 4/2/24

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02 abr
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Hmmm, "non-binary"--is that the new, kinder way of saying bat-sh*t crazy?

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Not crazy, differently human. And "Other people" should pay for their difference by law and force if need be.

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