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An enemy of America would be a fool to not implant their operatives within the main country that is their main economic and military opponent. Would be a stone cold fool.

And especially when the rational can now be reliably formulated that the current administration in control over the border (Radical Democrats) who have allowed and has even encouraged to enter the country illegally and without vetting young well truned out military aged and possibly well trained MEN. Directly from that declared enemy.

And these individuals may well be validly attempting to escape their oppressive country, all of them from what ever country they are from. But logic would indicate that for a country who throws wide open their border and abandons vetting and sanity that that is by agenda and is not by mistake. As bad as you might believe America is it is ALWAYS the best choice.

Treason: "The crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.".

Radical Democrat strategic philosophy: What ever you are guilty of you accuse your opponent of.

*Most all and every administration policy (D) implimented has been against the interests of America.

*Millions have gone into 20 plus shell companies and distributed to family memebers for no apparent credible business reason.

*Massive "investments" from the CCP Chinese and other countries under the direct government policy control of "The Big Guy" into the family shell companies.

*Ukraine: "Fire the prosecutor investigating sons company or you do not get the $1 billion dollars."

*Vice president pays nearly $2.75 million dollars IN CASH for a beach house mansion just weeks after threat from son who was "Sitting next to his father" and demanding a $10 million dollar payment from his CCP Chinese business associate. For what? No one apparently knows. What do you call it when a vice president pays $2.75 million dollars in cash for a house?

*$400K payment in and 10%, $40K, to "The Big Guy" established by email and cancelled check.

*Joe never knew anything about sons business, apparently on the payroll?

I will stop here in order to keep things understandable because it is complex by design. What do you think and what are you going to do about it?

You want more of that? Cant get enough of that un and anti America policy apparently for pay? Keep doing what your doing.

Do you even know who your enemy is?

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 12/5.23

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