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If you have ever read anything that I have written you understand that there is a theme that runs through most of it. And what is that theme? Perspective, understanding the Subjective, the Objective, and human beings Intellectualize their existence. And knowing the difference between them and being aware when you are employing or ignoring them and running on auto pilot. And below is an article that almost perfectly supports and illustrates my points.

(Intellectualize: To give rational form or content to. (Human beings intellectualize their existence over and above their biological / DNA existence to the point where they most times do not even recognize that biological / DNA existence connection.)

A scientist (he has the credentials), an "expert". And here he is below in an LA Times article pronounces that human beings have no free will. And no associated responsibility for their actions as an extension.

In the article promo picture, he inspirationally looks to the heavens. Is he sending a symbolic message to those who need direction? Is he subliminally intimating that there is something more than rather than less than? A curious shot given his contention about free will, no?

And we as mindless, hollow, meat-based automaton animals (?) now understand how we all as a human race must apparently surrender what we thought was our free will, choice and accountability that underpins our civilization. Surrender it all to the boiled down icy collated and cross-referenced data conclusions that has been teased out of the many decades of research that indicates that in the end no individual is responsible for ANYTHING that they may choose to do. Sound politically familiar?

(The Daily Mail article author uses the term "Restorative Justice", one of my favorite illustrative radical Left (D) Subjective applications of law and justice terms. As a matter of fact, American Constitutional law and justice is based in an Objective theory of law and justice. And restorative justice is exactly counter to that theory, it is counter to Constitutional law. Restorative Justice is applicable only in kindergarten through sixth grade IMO and is intended to erode the Constitution and proven Western civilization precepts. All Subjective law and justice can only be and result in authoritarian rule.)

And these scientific "discoveries", conclusions and interpretations through the decades of research is the foundation for the radical Left, now un and anti-American, anti-humanity, Globalist drive that has taken over the Democrat party which seeks to dominate and control the planet. And that is by their own words, not mine.

Through my observations human beings like no other life form on the planet earth that I am aware of exist in two truly separate and distinct realities (and possibly one more level, but that is a part of a different discussion). Human beings come from and are based in our biological / DNA reality which is our more animal emotional / impulsive / survival mode (Subjective) nature. A pure function of the base process of the endless and eternal universe.

And we as human beings uniquely exist in and access a next level intellectualized reality (Objective) that is purely a function of our very highly specialized brain and form. Which from my observations no man or woman has a right to state that they understand what it actually is and is not. This second level of intellectualized reality in fact gives human beings the keys to the universe.

Who has the keys to the universe? There is only one answer to that question to my knowledge. Who wants to control the keys to the universe might be the better question.

People certainly do understand how to psychologically manipulate the human mind, ask the CIA, the CCP Chinese and the Russians. And that ability to manipulate will only grow due to the rise of AI and the juggernaut that is technology and social media which is purely a function of that second level of reality only realized and manifested by the human mind and form.

The "experts" have no right to state that they understand the human mind to the point that indicates that we should all abandon the fundamental underpinning concepts of civilization and accountability related to human nature that human beings at a certain point of development understand is the foundation of success and that civilization.



You will get this if you are at least a half of a nerd. Those who don't get it just scratch their heads. Who has the keys to the universe? Go to the mirror and gaze upon them.

Who has the Keys to the universe? The "experts"? You tell me.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 10/28/23

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Oct 28, 2023

This so-called "scientist" is on the same level as that great climate genius Al Gore. He should have stayed with his baboons, since he believes that man is purely animal. No soul, no brain, no rationality. However, if we play his game then there's no reason to pay attention to anything he says, since it's all only a result of some involuntary neurological spasm--or maybe just indigestion? What a quack!

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