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Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Given what we are all witness to ongoing in today's America how are we to make objective sense out of what we see and hear? And why is it soooo important to endeavor to

control the information that is transmitted to the public? Ask big tech, ask big social media and above all, ask big Government.

Why? because in our Democratic Republic system of governance it is VITAL that the people over the course of time be able to see, know and understand as best as they can what the real truth is. And who ever controls that truth controls all concerned.

So, let's look at some recent items in the media about individuals that populate the entity government that we can in some way shape or form measure what is actually happening.

#1. The recent testimony by an FBI field agent where he describes his experience after turning whistle blower against those above him in the FBI leadership and their illegal orders and punitive actions revealing that the leadership has taken political sides. There is a difference between discretion and politically driven decisions that are clearly corrupt and way, way over the line.

Testifying FBI agent: "The FBI will crush you and your family". The FBI leadership will and does lie and pervert the law and abuse their power in order to protect it, their self-interests and the entity government and its agenda and their subjective interpretation of their fiduciary responsibilities. That to me is plain to see and is the truth, make of it what you will.

And understanding the power of a motivated Congress and the risk run by an individual who is willing to sit in front of that body and swear an oath to tell the truth and testify. If it is found that you were misleading or lying to that motivated Congress as a member of the lower level nonpolitically appointed grunts and enforcers in the FBI, you might well go to jail. And you might also, lose your pension, and your house and family. Not inconsequential cost potentials to come forward as a whistleblower. Especially if you were lying. And so, it must be concluded that these FBI whistleblowers are telling the stone-cold truth of the matter.

And not to jail if you were a part of the Political Realm and politically appointed, but go directly to jail if you were a part of the lower-level Pedestrian Realm grunts and enforcers. There is a difference if you have not noticed. I suggest you review the actions of the likes of former head of the FBI, James Comey as an example. These Political Realm politically appointed players will do ANYTHING to protect their agency and political power. (Review: Strategy Over Morality to understand how such things are subjectively justified: STRATEGY OVER MORALITY (

#2. And now we move on to another more controversial to say the least upcoming possible testimony before Congress. Which has not happened yet but is apparently going to take place soon regarding extraterrestrial craft and the alleged life forms that build and are in control of them. This subject has more recently been garnering more attention and apparently gaining more validity in the media as a result of what is purported to be government / military insider witnesses, whistleblowers and hard evidence. And in my opinion, it is either the truth of the matter or it is a psychological conditioning program focused on a next level never before seen paradigm shifting mode of control over the population.

"A crashed UFO recovered by the US military 'distorted space-time' and was 'bigger on the inside', claims a top attorney involved in bringing UFO whistleblowers to Congress."

So, we have two testimonies by whistleblowers before Congress. One regarding FBI leadership abuses of power has already taken place and appears to be very, very credible. And the other one regarding UFO's / UAP's will probably take place soon (?) and is a bit beyond everyday belief to say the least, but there it all is anyway. And the two being very big stories that have American and worldwide power and control paradigm changing potential implications.

But how do we find out which is true, and which is not so true? Information V Disinformation V Objective truth.

We are going to keep an eye on both stories and see where they go starting today on 6/11/23. Why? Because both stories have the potential to fundamentally and drastically change people's perceptions about reality and what they are willing to accept and who in America and in the world controls the real power and freedom.

And that in my opinion is what all of this is about. So, stay tuned and pay attention, time will tell this tale. JGL 6/11/23

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