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Updated: Jan 15

A very good friend sent this to me in response to the panel: A.I. IS OF COURSE, POLITICALLY "WOKE" (

Good Friend: "Thanks for sending this. I was surprised but not shocked. 

While looking on X (Twitter) I saw this goofy video that indicates what you have been saying for some time now about the great reset."

The video makes a dramatic exaggerated parody point about the WEF and their fellow "progressive" travelers within America and their stated plans for America and the world. I am not making this up, they clearly and unambiguously state it themselves:

And to give a bit of a more real-world gravitas to the enemy within government "Fellow Traveler" view into the diminish America in order to serve it up to the WEF / U.N. 2030 "In the future you will own nothing, and you will be happy" authoritarian agenda.

We have SENATOR, Dick Durban (D) selling the concept that since the Democrats have gutted, feminized, transpired, reading rainbowed, lipsticked and force injected or you must resign those in the American military with THEIR woke "progressive" agenda which has in fact driven recruiting way, way down proposal. Now for the solution to a political agenda (D) self-inflicted existential wound problem.

Durbin proposes U.S. citizenship for illegal immigrants through military service:

And to be clear the American military has embraced illegal immigrants in the past into it. And they have been rewarded with citizenship for their honorable service. But this is on a whole nother on steroids reach for the stars aspirational political level.

Dick Durban (D): Let's install masses of illegal immigrants into THE AMERICAN MILITARY that we have as Democrats crippled in order that they can become legal. Now you think about that for a few moments and also consider this. 80 percent of the illegal immigrants currently flooding across the border, invited by your own current president (D) from day one in numbers that have NEVER been seen before, In the millions, are all young men of military age.

Make sense to you? Makes sense if you were planning an internal invasion of your own country and you intended to install into your own military young men who have NO allegiance, alliance or connection to the American Constitution and America and what it structures that is. When a soldier swears fidelity to the Constitution and not an individual, what does that mean to them if they are NOT American and have no philosophical connection to America and the Constitution?

The irrational push against the Second Amendment and the common Democrat gun confiscation theme is about what in your estimation? They essentially arm and protect street thugs, "no jail no bail". But they want YOU disarmed. Make sense to you?

The Democrats are to my eye hollowing out the military and attempting to populate it with manpower in control of deadly force that will have no core allegiance or alliance to the country and will do as they are instructed by those who control the military. WITHOUT QUESTION. Remember, the greatest threat to the country as per the current president is "White Supremacy" (Go look in the mirror, that's you).

And this clear as day to me unfolding coup de grâce delivering the deliverables, the Constitution and America to the "NEW" aspirational dominant power structure on the planet. What do you currently see going on in your city and within your police department? Get the real-world point? (A coup de grâce is a death blow to end the suffering of a severely wounded person or animal.)

And you must understand that those who seek this new global political power structure, in order to have it fully manifest MUST gut and or make moot the American Constitution. That is just a fact given the stated agenda that no one in the Democrat party leadership seems to be pointing out. The mass of America will never willingly agree to such a Globalist proposal. And if it cannot be accomplished at the ballot box what other choice is there?

A word that begins with "T" and ends with "EASON" comes to mind.


The generic difference: The Right is willing to accept reasonable change and live accordingly within the constructs of the Constitution. And the Left is attempting to gut America and serve it up to the clearly stated Globalist authoritarian agenda that they promote. And they want all their opposition eliminated. Simple.

And I must assume at this level of play they are willing to take it all by force in the long term if they have to and are able to. And that on going attempt is exactly what you are witness to IMO. The now radical Left will justify ANYTHING in order to prevail. They are soooo close. Up to and including fill in the blank.

A person in the "progressive" movement once told me candidly: "In 15 to 25 years everything will be OK". Meaning that I, a rational Conservative white man who has a strong alliance and allegiance to America, would be dead in the next 15 to 25 years. And I appreciated their candor. But that Political Realm "progressive" perspective and agenda has been now hyper accelerated by the now radical operatives in the Political Realm. The "progressive" Democrat party machine leadership in other words. Time is of the essence now.

Agree with me? Disagree with me? Tell me all about it.

Keeping in mind I have generally been consistently 2 to 3 years ahead of and fairly accurate regarding most everything you see going on right now in the news, the government and the world. Unfortunately.

Stay tuned.

Are you paying attention yet America? I hope so. JGL 1/14/24

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