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A.I. is of course politically woke and anti-Conservative I.E. anti free choice, anti-free speech, anti-self-determination and by extension anti Constitution and anti-American in its programming. Who could have imagined such a thing?

If this high-tech artificial intelligence is supposed to have some level of actual intelligence and ability other than being a powerful search engine, shouldn't it not be so blatantly programmed partisan, "Woke" and biased? It should at least be able to present some form of balanced opinion that is not so blatantly and clearly biased that politically favors the "woke" Left perspective only. No?

And many might argue that A.I. having such an elevated level of "intelligence" based in the highest chip processing technology and access to most all the information in the world that its conclusion is just all of the boiled down data on the planet's rational conclusion that must be arrived at. Logic would dictate it.

That is if you are a true believer in absolute authoritarian rule and the enforcement of "correct think". I believe the operative word in this term is "Artificial". Programming is programming.

Like all thing artificial and political distinctions must be made by real flesh and blood people who must understand what the implications are for the choices that they make.

A.I. should work out well for all involved. Well at least for about a third of you anyway. You keep doing what you are doing America, and this will all be over much sooner than you think.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 1/13/24

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