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Congress (Republican party controlled today) reveals details about how the government and those within its agencies (Democrat party controlled and aligned today) apparently hampered and did not allow to be revealed some of the evidence and other associated information related to the presidents' sons' activities. And those same players within apparently hampered the associated and supporting evidence from being dragged into the Pedestrian Realm resulting in the normal associated legal consequences. Were their actions over the line and criminal? What do you think?

And apparently the associated defense lawyers were given a heads up by those same government agency players in relation to the existence and location of certain "problematic" physical supporting evidence. Now that is convenient and a value-added service gift from the perspective of a defendant in a federal case, no?

Bill O'reilly, he NEVER EVER goes where he has gone here regarding Attorney General Merrick Garland and the actions he has apparently taken in overseeing the Hunter Biden investigation. NEVER EVER, not without very good cause and reason. Is this where all of this Biden family issue is going? John Mitchel level? And I do not agree with O'reilly all the time, but he does tend to get things especially about politics generally correct rather than not.

Merrick Garland was denied a seat on the Supreme Court by the Republicans. Think he has some animus and a beef to grind regarding the Republicans who denied him his "rightful" seat on the high court? (19) Merrick Garland, a Clear and Present Danger - YouTube 3:25 Stand by.

I have to assume that these government players were slow walking the case and giving a heads up to the lawyers about potential problematic evidence in order to 1. Run out the clock on any statute of limitations. And 2. In order to keep the situation more in the amorphous gray Political Realm where such things are handled and solved in a more creative and managed let's say manner. How is this justified and why?

Human beings act in their own self interests.

There are two realities identified in Strategy Over Morality, the black and white Pedestrian Realm reality where you and I exist where there are consequences for actions taken. And then there is the more amorphous gray Political Realm where accommodations are made or arranged for those who are politically empowered or politically associated in the interest of the retention and further acquisition of political power. If you have it, you need desperately to retain it. And then you of course want more of it in order to further secure it into the future. It is really Darwinian in many ways.

The only attempt at counterbalancing that truth and solution? The fight, the battle, the political warfare that the Constitution structures that attempts to force as close to the objective truth as possible to be revealed to the people. And that is just how simple this all is.

YOU, the American people and the potential political consequences for those political players who inhabit the Political Realm and denying them their political power is the only solution in the long term. And that is by design.

What we have today in America is a serious compounding and extreme Political Realm self-interest problem that exists. Primarily due to the fact that there has become little difference between the two political parties. And of course, the media which is tasked with being somewhat objective and the bright light of truth shone into the deepest darkest places that reveals the lies, perversions and corruptions is now controlled by or has a subjective interest in NOT executing actual journalism in the interests of those same political players who are making those very convenient subjective Political Realm accommodations.

Sounds counterintuitive? Its too complicated? Does not make sense to you? This is exactly what you are witness to whether you like it or understand it or not, it's called POLITICS. Dirty, filthy POLITICS. It is extreme politics for sure and it appears that over the line crimes were committed by those in government but make no mistake about it, it is POLITICS.

Our system is not perfect as we can all see but it is designed purposefully to in the long term counterbalance the nature of man (and woman) regarding the abuse of power and reveal that abuse to all through political warfare. Make of it what YOU will.

And PS: There are no guarantees.

Paying attention yet America? JGL 6/22/23

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