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Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Rush Limbaugh Reads the True Story of Thanksgiving:


The Pilgrims abandoned the Socialism and Communism that they interpreted their religion and Bible commanded, for the concept of private property and Capitalism.

And they as free people prospered and survived.

(I miss Rush, he would crack me up when he would do the little girl voice asking questions. I did not always agree withhim but IMO he generally got it correct)

And I understand that you may not like or may even detest Rush Limbaugh, not everyones cup of tea. But the truth about the Pilgrims, their mistaken beliefs, their hardships and the reality of the Thanksgiving is what it is.

Look at anyone who tells you different about the freeing power of private property and Capitalism and proposes a "NEW" more "progressive" way to provide people with freedom and prosperity with extreme skepticism because they are either just naive.... or they wish to dominate and own you.

True then, still true today, and true for the foreseeable future until the earth is engulfed by the sun.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 11/23/23

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