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Updated: Jan 21

This is your future if and when what?

Very Thorough Table Tennis Racket Tester: 11 min.

"Always aiming to take the sport of table tennis in a bright and innovative direction, the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) agreed upon a bold decision in 2014 to move away from the long-established celluloid ball in favour of a new approach based around a new compound. One man who played an important role in the transition process was Equipment Committee member, graduated mathematician and actuarial analyst Dr. Torsten Küneth who has kindly taken the time to speak about the evolution of the table tennis ball over the past six years."

This is your preordained future as per elite Democrat globalist visionaries. Seems mundane, but the video is actually a very interesting piece to watch on several levels, hypnotic. Specified bureaucracy in every element of your life, everyone will get one, your own "Ping pong paddle inspector".

So, if and when the proposed authoritarian Democrat party machine, Sorosian / WEF "In the future you will own nothing, and you will be happy" agenda is fulfilled, that ain't living! That is surviving in someone else's perverted custom made for you nightmare reality.

Remember as per newly minted Capitalist and rabid anti-Socialist President of Argentina, Javier Milie: "Collectivism leads to poverty". PRESIDENT, JAVIER MILIE: COLLECTIVISM LEADS TO POVERTY ( And President Milie by the overwhelming Objective evidence is 100% correct.

It all comes down to the authoritarian exercise of power. And this official International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) ping pong paddle inspector, as mundane as it may seem, is the perfect analogous example of what living in that kind of proposed authoritarian world would be exactly like in everything you said, did or wanted to do. This is where dreams, aspirations and freedom go to die.

You looking forward to that? That is how you see Americas and the world's future?

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 1/20/24

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Jan 20

I'm not so sure the video clip supports your thesis of such bureaucracy in every aspect of our lives, although I do agree that this kind of overarching control is what our global masters desire. It may take someone with a peculiarly cramped, sterile kind of soul to do this kind of work--personally, I would rather jump off a bridge before having such a job--but in the athletic world cheating is always a possibility and a problem. Whether it's doping of athletes (and animals) or fiddling with equipment (corked baseball bats), it's been going on forever. And, like making sausage, seeing how such things are prevented is not particularly pleasant.

Replying to

Oh yes, in the future, you know in the "progressive" Democrat, WEF "In the future you will own nothing, and you will be happy" world we will all have our own bureaucrat, and they will check up on us every day to make sure that we are "happy". Bet on it. Think about it.

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