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Too much time, money and luxury make you stupid (and dangerous).

People and countries for that matter with too much time and money and the luxury of being safe and secure to spend it on their hands makes you stupid (and dangerous). That is my theory anyway. Which does not mean that you should be denied any of it or you cannot do some good for yourself or others with it.

"Shoot for the stars and maybe you will land on the roof". A positive aspirational affirmation that has some truth to it. But maybe the Saudi technologists and engineers trying to please the prince soon to be King took that saying a bit too far? By over 100 X's? Someone has greatly embarrassed the prince soon to be King, gulp.

Without the challenge of some level of insecurity and your need to solve real world real problems of the more existential kind people become sooo dumb they become a threat to themselves and the others that surround them and have to live with them.

And this condition of "too much" is one of the long-term negative effects of the freeing nature in modern times of Capitalism theory in combination with the truly progressive Objective structure of the Constitution. The Constitution provides the framework and structure for too much success. And Capitalism operating within the structure of an Objective law and justice system gives the most people the most opportunity for individual success and by extension freedom to be and act sooo dumb.

The Saudi's, the CCP Chinese, the Russians, the North Korean's and most of the rest of the world have benefitted to some great degree by adopting many of the power principles of Capitalism and not Communism. And it is all connected together in concert primarily worldwide with America and the power and the truly progressive, Objective structure by extension, good, bad or otherwise of the Constitution.

A very sharp truly progressive double-edged sword for sure. Choose the positive, identify and reject the negative.

And this is where we now find ourselves, with too much success, too much luxury, too much money and too much time to destroy it all. I suppose that is the cycle and the nature of such things in the universe. Creative destruction over time, what's old is new.

This all sounds a bit counter intuitive but there it is all the same.

So, what is the answer to this conundrum? We are all participating in the solution, the realignment, the cycle of creative destruction right now. And the only positive way into the future is the struggle between ideas and true strong benevolent leadership that possess competent vision getting a foothold and promoting solid visionary realistic goals and moving to fulfill them.

Space exploration, transportation, communication, environment, education, AI, technology, energy, economics, military power etc.

Sanity, strength and true competent leadership must prevail for without it only the weak malevolent manipulators will prevail, and authoritarian rule will be the rule.

And the Saudi Line project struck me today to be a good symbolic representation of this concept of the too much time, too much luxury and too much money provided by todays modern social / economic / governance structure and the creative destruction cycle to me. It is all connected. And always remember, sometimes bull shit happy talk is just bull shit happy talk. Politics in other words :)

When in doubt either do nothing or the opposite of what weak manipulative leadership proposes.

Remember, government is not in the business of telling you the truth, they never have been and never will be. Governments job is power and control. Your job as an American? Properly understanding it all as best as you can and choosing.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 4/11/24

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Apr 11
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"Untethered to reality" appears to be the default position for all leftists, and it's not new. But it seems to work--for example, when I hear leftists say, once again, that Republicans want to take away everyone's Social Security, I can only figure that they believe the American people are as dumb as a bag of hair. They've been saying the same thing since 1960, but you know that there are people who believe it, even though we've had a few Republican presidents in the past 60+ years and SocSec has remained untouched.

So maybe the majority of people are irredeemably stupid and unsuited to self-governance because what they really want is to boss everyone else around. Maybe we would d…

Replying to

Ignorance is a requirement. See my next post.

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