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Updated: Dec 24, 2023

And I agree. A president acting in their capacity as the chief executive, the PRESIDENT, doing what they believe is securing a fair and secure election cannot be charged while acting in that capacity. A president must have a great degree of or even absolute immunity, or they would never be able to effectively do their job.

You don't like what he did? You disagree with his and his lawyer's conclusions and interpretations about the 2020 "Most secure and honest election in U.S. history" as some in the government and media were and continue to attempt to force into the public consciousness? Well, that's politics.

It's not Sedition, it's not Rebellion, it's not Insurrection, its POLITICS.

The Constitution first structures political warfare, and what are the rules in warfare? There are no rules. And the second thing that the Constitution structures is the theory of the rules and the parameters that the political warfare shall be fought within. And that is what we are all witness to today. The Constitution is structured in the Objective, politics is about the Subjective, about emotion, about pandering to the individual's self-interests, tribal associations and loyalties, propaganda in other words. The battle, the struggle, the maneuvering and testing of those parameters is the key to keeping the American people free and prosperous.

Contained within the scheme of the Constitution is a system that over time forces those that attain political empowerment to reveal themselves to the public so that the public can direct the course of THIER country. And that is in the simplest terms is what the Constitution is all about. And you as an American with fiduciary responsibilities must come to understand politics and the Constitution in this manner.

Do you think as an American who pays taxes that your country and your self interests today are headed in the correct direction? I did not think so.

Merry Christmas America, I hope you are paying attention. JGL 12/24/23


TRUMP IS GUILTY! But guilty of what?

Is he guilty of Sedition? No.

Is he guilty of Insurrection? No.

Is he guilty of Rebellion? No.

Is he guilty of interfering with an election? No.

Former president Donald J. Trump is guilty, there is no way around it, and you must face the facts as reticent as you may be to do so.

Well then what the hell is he guilty of then!?


Trump is guilty of politics, extreme politics for sure, but politics all the same. And so are his political opponent's guilt of the same. And we understand how his political opposition loves to play with definitions of words, terms and invents legal theories to serve their perverted definition of exactly what America must be. And that degree of extreme politics where a single man who has unexpectedly beat his political opponents before and is seen as once again the single major threat to their continued extreme political agenda and eternal possession of political power. Politics can be civilized, and politics can be rowdy, disruptive and at times violent. (Ask BLM and ANTIFA, by any means necessary means by any means)

And so, the extreme politics of the day must be transformed by the radical self-serving political logic into criminal conspiracies, Seditious schemes, Insurrection and Rebellion in order to technically, Constitutionally and legally remove the one and only threat to their exclusive possession of continued political power. They cannot help themselves.

And now we find ourselves where all of this extreme political treachery and manipulation by design all belongs, before the Supreme Court of the United States of America. In front of the ultimate court that by design exists to keep all legal and political activities within the Objective parameters that the Founders established in order that we be able to remain to some great degree free from Subjective authoritarian rule.

*On the question of presidential immunity? The president, any president, has a fiduciary responsibility to challenge all and every instance where he or she genuinely believes that an election has been perverted, corrupted or substantially spoiled where the peoples will is denied. A clear fiduciary obligation and a part of the process.

And in addition, a president of the United States must have a very broad immunity and associated Subjective pardoning power while in office regarding such things. If not, then no person in the position of the president could properly do their job and lead the country. When someone acquires the power over life and death related to the decisions that they must make in the interests of the state then a great degree of immunity must be a part of fulfilling those weighty responsibilities.

*On the question of a former president, any former president, being denied a spot on any state ballot based on alleged Sedition, Insurrection or Rebellion? To my knowledge there was no Sedition, Insurrection or Rebellion as evidenced by no one being charged, indicted or convicted of such in regard to January 6th or anything else.

And if either or a combination were to be charged long after what was say a political protest turned riot or the questioning of at the minimum a suspicious election cycle then that would be fraudulent and a convenient self-serving Subjective political weaponization and manipulation. If anything, that would be the crime.

Extreme politics by definition and nature is extreme, but it is not criminal. To selectively criminalize politics is to Subjectively attempt to usurp the Constitution and the people's ability to choose their government, it is a political warfare strategy.

What we are all witness to today is really extreme political warfare strategy primarily on the part of the extreme radical Left because they see an opportunity to dominate.

So, whether you are on one side or the other of the political divide the job of the Supreme Court is to remain Objective and loyal to the structure and intent of the Constitution. And if they choose to justify doing otherwise your country will be no more.

Be careful what you wish for.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 12/21/23

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