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There is going to be a paradigm shift. A paradigm shift in the new electric air transportation / air taxi sector and I believe that this company, JOBY Aviation will be the leading player in this new industry.

There are many companies around the world that have proposals, designs, quarter and half model operational concepts and beautiful virtual reality representations. And some even have seek full-scale models you can sit in on the convention floor. But JOBY Aviation is the furthest along in their real-world design, testing, their actual FAA certifications, high tech facilities, thousands of hours of real-world inflight testing, and the associated control systems. To the point that they have delivered to the military the first operational units of an already place order for their testing.

No other serious company like I said in the EVTOL / air taxi category to my knowledge is this far along in such a new category of truly innovative flying machines and it is always a powerful position to be the first on the scene.

(Full disclosure I have an equity position in this company, and this is not investment advice)

Something to keep an eye on IMO. JGL 10/4/23

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