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The now unfortunately radical Left "Democrat Socialists" (Socialists) in America fear the American version of the new Argentine president, Javier Milei. And it is because of the radical Left Socialists in Aregentina that emergency economic policies are now necessary to drag his country back from the spiraling stagnant and authoritarian Socialist abyss.

And we and the world desperately need similar.

That is what they fear, it threatens their control of power and their control of wealth.

Breitbart: "Argentine President Javier Milei announced during a national broadcast on Wednesday night the signing of a Necessity and Urgency Decree (DNU), a form of executive order, that would modify or overturn an estimated 350 federal economic policies.

Milei’s executive order targeted nearly every aspect of the Argentine economy – including imports, price controls, health care, sports federations, landlord and tenant policies, and the yerba mate industry – in what he described as an attempt to impose a “shock stabilization plan” to prevent a financial catastrophe. Argentina is facing the worst economic crisis of its history as a result of decades of socialist policies, lavish government spending, and corruption, fueling skyrocketing rates of poverty, joblessness, and inflation. The nation’s inflation rate reached 160 percent in the days after Milei’s December 10 inauguration."

Fear is a mighty motivator.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 12/22/23

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