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When we think about due process before the law, we have an idealized Pedestrian Realm concept about what that exactly is, looks like and means.

But what is the real reality as it relates to political warfare and those political warriors who inhabit the Political Realm who seek to acquire and further retain political power and control due process?

And here we have what all of the chaos, struggle and hammer and tong political warfare of the past 9 or so years really comes down to: Hillary, Biden and Trump: All in just 3 minutes and 19 seconds.

By any means necessary: WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON: STRATEGY OVER MORALITY ( There really are no rules.

Whether you see and understand the last 9 years objectively, or you are subjectively politically willfully blind to it, there it is all the same and the truth of it stares you right in your face.

Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State. James Comey, head of the FBI in a news conference that he had no reason to hold, and it was highly unusual spent 13 minutes enumerating all of the verified through evidence reasons that she should be indicted. And then he concluded that she should not be indicted. She and her people collected, stored and then actively and with intent destroyed information and devices, I.E. subpoenaed evidence. All highly illegal. Hmmmmm.

Joe Biden actively collected over the course of 50 years in politics a massive number of national security documents that he had no legal right to possess. And this illegal retention of national security documents was established to be in the efforts to write a book, his memoirs about his illustrious career. Which he received $8 million dollars for.

And this was all brought out the other day by Special Prosecutor, Robert Hur. And through an extensive investigation Mr. Hur listed all of the reasons that joe Biden should have been indicted and did not exonerate him. But Mr. Hur concluded that he was too old and infirm to be indicted? Make sense to you?

And Joe Biden, "Lunch Bucket Joe" is today after that official Special Prosecutor conclusion report related to his decades long illegal by choice behavior and current mental condition is the Democrat candidate for president. Hmmmmmm.

And former PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump? (Remember, neither Hillary nor Biden were the president at the time they grossly and with clear abandon and intent violated the law related to the documents and data that they possessed illegally).

Well, you know his story. Although he had all of the legal rights to possess national security related documents his house was raided by the FBI, and he has had 4 indictments and 91 charges brought against him. Hmmmmmm.

This is our system, this is our process. And this system is not designed at this judicial / political level to administer or deliver justice, this is lawfare. The system is at this political level designed so that you as an American citizen are witness to the process, the irrational and counter intuitive partisan logic actions so it can provide you in some way shape or form the actual truth of the matter and a view into their partisan actions. So that you can either rehire or fire your representatives.

This is essentially political theater that is structured and engaged in for you the audience's benefit and enthusiastic applause and approval. Or your enthusiastic boos and rejection. Do you approve? Or do you disapprove? You must judge.

The perversion and the corruption of your government, and it can be nothing else because that is the nature of that beast, is your job to manage and fix. What are you going to do?

Exactly how far will you allow this unrestrained perversion go in order that those who possess political power in either party in America further retain their power? And at what cost is there for you?

No one else can understand this stuff for you, you are on your own.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 3/13/24

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