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Why does Trump do what Trump does? What does he understand that you do not?

Trump understands that there exists two realities. Especially when you compare your personal subjective every day get up and go to work reality perspective that you grew up immersed within and that may limit you. There is that reality. You know in modern America the 50"s, 60"s and 70"s Ozzie and Harriet, Wally and the Beaver reality.

And then when you compare that to the high-level business and especially the political reality which are very, very different realities that exist and operate outside, above, below and around your personal subjective reality. Then you can begin to see and understand.

You, we, all live within a reality box with parameters of potentials and limitations that we create based on what we have absorbed during our lives. We are all trained in this way, and that is "normal". Whatever that may mean. There are however people who get past those potential limitations for a variety of reasons both based in circumstance and innate psychology.

However, most everyday go to work Americans, which is the foundation of our functional and stable civilization are unable to perform those mental calisthenics that one must perform and train their brain to operate in to make the distinctions and see beyond those self-imposed personal potentials and limitations.

And why exactly does Trump understand this difference between realities, potentials and limitations and operates in both and usually excels?

First, we have Trump and his unique innate personality, and you can characterize that from your personal subjective perspective, and you might use words like: Egomaniac, self-centered, verbose self-aggrandizing over speaker, mental massager, obnoxious, nasty, on the spectrum (?), benevolent, entertaining, gracious, gregarious, extrovert, generous, overconfident, intelligent, risk taker, highly intuitive etc. etc.

And those identifiers that you might use are all characteristics in some combination of strong and usually successful natural leaders and not every day get up and go to work people. As hard as that is for your eyes to see and your ears to hear, you have to take the good with the bad.

All real paradigm shifting success (and failure) of real substance and consequence in the real world comes from these kinds of people. People who do not hear the word no when it stands in the way of their vision, goals and aspirations. From Genghis Khan, to Alexander the Great, to George Washington, to Einstein, to Cleopatra, to Mary Kay, to Oprah. They all come to understand that at some point in their success trajectory. Success begets success and wealth and that model once entered into tends to keep rolling and it compounds.

That is one aspect of this Trump equation and then you must see another aspect to the Trump life perspective equation. Trump grew up the son of a very driven and hard working very successful real estate developer. And he understands all of the treachery and complications that can come along with that business and how in the real world those problems are solved.

What is business really about? Solving problems and not making more problems.

There is however another aspect of the Trump perspective and I have to assume that this one particular unique life lesson comes from his early business association with the New York City lawyer, Roy Cohen. And I believe that that association with Cohen taught him that somewhere in between the get up and go to work black and white reality and the more amorphous legal / law / political world there are solutions to big problems found.

You can read about Roy Cohen and his successes and his failures and his association with Trump, it is certainly colorful to say the least: Roy Cohn - Wikipedia

And this early association with Cohen in the legal and political worlds I have to assume cemented into place (no pun intended if you read the Cohen Wiki page) Trumps intuitive nature and absolute trust in HIS judgement regarding HIS vision. Roy Cohen like all well trained and intelligent lawyers strategically used the law, and if he could those who wrote those laws within the political and legal world as weapons and to his advantage in the confrontational and adversarial arena that is our legal, court and political system.

(Keeping in mind that the theory of our law, legal and justice system in Democratic America and the Western world is structured in objectivity and not subjectivity. And this objective structure is a great strength that some seek to change to a subjective system structure. A distinction that you probably have not realized or thought about and will be the subject of a future SIGMA3iOC installment.)

Trump, successful, tutored and schooled by Roy Cohen in law and politics, fundamentally understands this distinction between realities. And knows that what he is especially involved in today with all of the indictments and legal complications concerning a former president who just happens to be the top candidate that threatens the Democrat party political power is based in the political realm where things are not as black and white as things are in the pedestrian realm.

The Democrats and other politically interested entities on the other side are attempting to drag Trump into the black and white pedestrian realm of law and justice, and that IMO will not be successful in the end. There will have to be a negotiated political resolution between the political realm players at the highest levels in government, law and justice. Both Trump and Biden inhabit the political realm, but Biden may have acted a bit over the allowable political realm lines that he is required to exist within. Stay tuned on that..

Things are not as they are being presented to you in the subjective and politically self-interested media.

Better understand what I am talking about and the two realities here: STRATEGY OVER MORALITY ( JGL 6/16/23

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