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What will the desperate Democrats not do to deny D.J. Trump a second term as president of the United States?

They will do everything and anything in order to deny D.J. Trump from becoming the next president of the United States.

Mr. Pomerantz wrote an entire book about getting Trump after he resigned from the Manhattan District Attorney's office because he did not charge Trump fast enough for him.

This questioning before Congress happened 5/12/2023. The 5th Amendment, your right to not incriminate yourself, has its place when you are in a legal situation and being questioned under oath in court. Even when you are a lawyer, an officer of the court who previously worked for Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg being questioned about your acts in investigating a former president that you have written a book about how much he needs to be taken down. No bias here.

Question: Mr. Pomerantz, did you knowingly violate the law when you were investigating former president Trump?

Question: Mr. Pomerantz did you violate anyone's constitutional rights while working on the Trump investigation?

Question: Mr. Pomerantz, did you misuse any Federal funds while investigating President Trump?

Question: Mr. Pomerantz, did you violate any New York State bar rules when you were investigating President Trump? And it goes on.

In all responses Pomerantz invokes his 5th Amendment right not to incriminate himself.

What is Congress going to legally do about Mr. Pomerantz, a lawyer and officer of the court and his refusal to answer their questions? Little to nothing, that is not their job. What is the Congresses job? Have hearings about the things that concern the government, possible corruption and abuse of power and other things that effect America and its people.

And the purpose? Placing witnesses under oath and asking pertinent questions so that the American people can have some measure of truth as determined by them. And based on the answers or refusal to answer questions under oath the D.O.J. may choose to pursue legal actions and prosecutions. This is our system, this is our process, and it is all about in this instance revealing to the people the ugly, biased political agenda driven under belly of government.

I have a friend, a long-time NY lawyer, who is very familiar with and worked in the Manhattan District Attorney's office, despises Trump. And even they have had to admit that what former president Trump is being put through and charged with and why he is currently in court is just plain old politics and has nothing to do with the Objective application of the law. But then, you probably figured that out already.

We are all given all the rope we need to hang ourselves in America by the Constitution. And these desperate politically driven politically empowered operatives misusing and abusing the law for political gain will soon come to the end of their rope.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 5/2/24

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