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There are politicians in New York State that are initiating a commission looking into why the population of the state of New York is declining or "Out Migrating". And I suppose that being politicians that exist in the Political Realm that is what you do. And an honest commission can provide some stark answers that many in NY City and NY State will not want to hear. Or will hear but because of their political affiliation be required to promptly ignore.

What would such a commi$$ion accomplish and cost? Who cares?

"He (Senator Jim Tedisco (R) and Democratic Assemblyman, Angelo Santabarbara (D), are now introducing a bill for commission to research the exact causes of out-migration. The commission would consist of 13 members chosen by the Governor, Senate Majority Leader, Assembly Speaker, and the Minority Leaders of both the Senate and Assembly. Public hearings would then be held in all regions across the state."

The "exact" causes of out migration in some United States of America? Seriously? Are people in politics now smoking that much marijuana since it has been legalized? You cannot be dumb enough for some people, especially in politics.

Lets take a commonsense look, a Pedestrian Realm commission look, at the top 6 states in America that are actively bleeding their population and see if we can figure out why this mass population exodus is happening.

Leading the list: #1 New York (D governor), #2 Illinois (D governor), #3 Hawaii (D governor), #4 California (D governor), #5 Louisiana ( D governor), #6 Massachusetts (D governor). Hmmm.

New York's population bleed leads the list. New Yorks population was 20,202,320 in 2020, and in 2023 it is now 19,571,216 residents. A population exodus reduction of 631,104 people. And in terms of pure numbers New York by far leads the pack. Followed closely naturally by the second most politically radical and "progressive" state, California. Why?

An aspiring politician recently asked me if I could provide 5 major issues and their solutions to propose in New York City politics in order to get elected to office. My suggestions apply to both New York City and New York State politics. If you are concerned with the actual people who live there and pay their taxes and what they KNOW is important to them and are reasons if not fixed to vacate the state, never mind the city.


1. Eliminate the sanctuary city and right to shelter designation in New York City.

2. Remove D.E.I. (Diversity Equity and Inclusion) and C.R.T. (Critical Race Theory) agenda from NYC schools and return to a merit / work-based theory of education.

3. Remove all and every district attorney and prosecutor who refuses to indict and prosecute chronic and or violent criminals no matter their race.

4. Restore to judges their right to discretion in remanding and bail related to violent criminals and the requirement that violent criminals be provided immediately their victims / accusers vital information.

5. Give back to police officers their qualified immunity related to them doing their job given that no unreasonable abuse of power is demonstrated.

6. Bonus: Require chronic mentally ill persons and or criminals who may be violent and regularly interact with the police and threaten the public who may live on the streets to be detained for up to 30 days or longer at a time, if necessary. In order to be assessed and be brought to a stable condition.

Remember, although these are all reasonable, rational, sane and accomplishable suggestions for recovering some degree of sanity and safety and being safe and not just feeling safe for the tax paying citizens in NYC and is a path to ensure that NYC has a positive future, you will be accused of being a racist for daring to propose them. I wish you good luck, because you will need it."

I have not heard back yet.

I would add several other items to this list like over taxation and the absolute authoritarian nature of city and state governments and their leadership related to the Covid event. Where the people were subject to edicts from on executive high that IMO violated their freedom to choose, their First Amendment Rights and even their human rights. You did as you were told, I.E. have injected into your body an experimental new technology RNA/DNA based drug therapy, or you would lose your job and your ability to feed your family.

And the governor has begun a pandering / partisan poison reparations and retribution commission also: New York governor signs law establishing reparations and racial justice commission | CNN

And they told you these edicts from on executive high were the result of "Science"! Their particular flavor of science that IMO has been demonstrated to be based more in a perverted, authoritarian partisan politics and a political agenda of absolute control in concert with some in corporate America. Which just happens to parallel the definition and theory of Fascism. Science had little to do with it from what I was witness to. All clearly demonstrated authoritarian counter to Objective Constitutional rule in the top Democrat controlled States in the country.

Now, can you detect the common political denominator and political agenda themes in this analysis related as to why New York City and New York State is the leading shedder of their tax paying population? Do we really need a high dollar Commission by politically empowered politicians to figure this all out?

And that is a rhetorical question, you already know the real answer, it is a perverted un and anti-American theory of political rule that is the reason. This and much more is what they have planned for you and your family in the future.

The ultimate question remains for the people in New York: What are you going to do about it? Nothing?

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 1/1/24

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