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This new now made mega viral by the now radical and one-sided social engineering elite "We must reformulate America" American media machine country song "Try That In a Small Town" sung by Jason Aldean is very controversial, and it is apparently racist. And why is that?

Let's see, this is a song about a small-town American mentality where people help each other, are against rioting in the streets and burning buildings to the ground as a form of protest, against spitting in police officers' faces, against car jackings, against stick ups, against violence in general and for an individual and their community protecting themselves.

And the American Liberal now radical Leftist corporate "politically correct" media machine has decided that Jason Aldean and his song must be cancelled and what it communicates must be vilified.

Now what message is the "politically correct" Liberal, Leftist now radical corporate media machine sending to you America?

Do you agree with the "politically correct" corporate media machine? Or do you have a different interpretation of both the song and what it is about and what is ongoing in our country today?

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 7/20/23

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