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Why are those operatives, loyal political party soldiers essentially, within the Democrat party machine always ready to file lawsuits on a broad spectrum of political and legal issues?

Because that is all they have got. That and mail in voting, the most corrupt form of voting, no ID voting, electronic voting equipment, ballot harvesting, ballot drop boxes, illegals voting, 16 year olds voting, "street" money vote buying, controlled media hand maiden lies, etc, etc. This is Lawfare and it is but a tool, it is a political weapon designed and used to strategically bog down an opponent in court and saddled with paying very expensive lawyers and draining them of their time and energy. Lawfare is a political weapon used in desperation in the political warfare that the Constitution structures.

How do we fight political warfare in America? LAWYERS, COURTS AND MONEY! JGL

This short-term level of lawfare political strategy however in the long term after Objective courts get to review the facts and applicable laws in an appeal usually get it correct. Again, lawfare is designed to bog down an opponent in court and with lawyers' bills in order to diminish their resolve and is not about truth and justice. It is a strategic political weapon and a tool.

NYT: "A federal judge ruled on Tuesday that a conservative group’s efforts to challenge the eligibility of hundreds of thousands of voters in the Senate runoff elections in Georgia in early 2021 did not violate the Voting Rights Act under a clause outlawing voter suppression.".

And why do you think that former president Trump now has *91* Federal and or State indictments against him? THAT is a rhetorical political question that you hopefully by now Objectively, intuitively and in your common sense understand and have come to know the answer to.

Do not allow yourself to become an unconscious tool of any politician or political party. There is no perfect state of political existence, do not be an unconscious political tool.

Remember: Politics is the dirtiest, filthiest, most corrupt, most deadly game that human beings play. And why is that? Because it's for all the marbles. JGL

In the long term by the Objective [not the emotional Subjective] design and intent of the Constitution after all is said and done the people will understand to some great degree what the truth is and direct THEIR country. That is the concept, anyway.

And remember, a desperate animal political or otherwise is a very dangerous entity.

Stand by America, trust none of them. It's what they do, not what they say.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL

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