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Updated: Apr 20

First before I continue lets everyone recognize and agree that there are in the world differently colored, politically, philosophically, sexually and religiously aligned and oriented people of all kinds. And that being stated and recognized as a general rule every human beings default should be to afford all others respect. Give respect and receive respect. In other words, all positive human interactions begin with an expectation of mutual respect.



And a good way to ensure starting off correctly in all human interactions is to default assume that everyone you encounter in life is either racist and or is biased against you in some way shape or form. Having a high moralistic "politically correct" expectation of either yourself or others is self-delusional and is dishonest.

People of a certain kind are usually biased in favor of their own kind.

And there is nothing wrong with that, THAT IS NORMAL. And being aware of that fact gives you the opportunity to consciously choose how you interact with another human being. And it does not matter what is bouncing around between your ears regarding your biases or your possible racism. It is what you choose to do with what is bouncing around between your ears that counts. Are you beginning to get where I am coming from?

There are however people who use their misguided and high moralistic "politically correct" perspective driven by their ideological political agenda of "justice" to attempt to force "respect". And that is a manipulation and is dishonest. And THAT TOO IS NORMAL. But that again is a manipulation and is a self-delusional dishonest choice.

A choice to manipulate in the furtherance of a political agenda under the auspices of righting some real or perceived injustice is still a dishonest manipulation. Do you like being manipulated?

However, in the instance of what is today ongoing in the media, in politics, in government, on campuses, in schools and in some corporate environments we are being told that respect will be demanded, and you will be expected to bow and deliver it. No matter what.

And you can NEVER demand or make someone respect you, NEVER. You can only earn respect. There is a vast difference between the two.

Fear of a gender queer planet:

12 min.

What can a person of any orientation or ideology reasonably demand in the real world? In America? A person of any orientation or ideology can ONLY demand equality and due process before the law. Thats it. And a person of any orientation or ideology can NEVER demand or make anyone respect them. NEVER. Just like you can never make someone love you.

Transgender identified athlete dominates girls track team: 13 sec.

When one person or a group en masse proposes that there will be a demand for respect and that demand will be fulfilled then we are existing in an authoritarian country where force and mandated behavior is the rule. And that is unreasonable, and it is disrespectful. That is Socialism and or a Marxist state and is un-American.

And now we see how and why we have arrived at where we have arrived. Unreasonable and irrational expectations cause chaos, fear and resistance to those who demand anything. Especially respect.

That is the point, that is the radical unreasonable political goal. Break through force the foundations of all conventions of reasonable and rational expectations of respect.

To be replaced with what?

A new radical do as you are instructed authoritarian social paradigm where respect is demanded. And as we have already established, respect can NEVER be demanded.

What you intuitively understand to be unreasonable, and authoritarian and is against your common sense should never be tolerated. NEVER.

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 4/19/24

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Apr 20
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and even if everyone complies, it will always be synthetic……

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