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Updated: Dec 25, 2023

Now you open this article, and you take in the continuing awesome Christmas gift that your president, Joe Biden and those who are running his Democrat party administration are determined to deliver to you, your family and your country.

The "Fundamental Transformation of America" continues, and it is endless. And then you must ask: Who exactly is funding it? This kind of mobilization does not just happen.

And who could blame these people? They are desperately running from what the Democrat party seeks to foster and build right here in America, a weak and dependent populous that they control. What else could it be about? Feel free to tell me if you believe you know.

And all Joe would have to do is declare that amnesty is here by suspended due to the excessive masses invading the country. And it would cease. But he and those "progressive" radicals that have a say in the administration's policies refuse.

And what does it make you if you continue to support this political party?

And their strategy appears to be make it so big that it cannot be reversed and is the "Transformation" that Obama spoke of. And if you tried to reverse it there would be massive protests and violence. Well, that in my opinion is coming anyway. All in the name of Christianity. I thought self-suicide is against the Christian doctrine? But not in politics.

You are a Democrat, but you do not agree with what your political party is executing in the form of a massive illegal invasion on your border that you are being forced to accept AND pay for? So what?

You are but a tool in the acquisition of their permanent political power. You are just a means to their end.

So, Merry Christmas America.

Are you paying attention yet America?  JGL 12/25/23

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