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These two issues, Abortion and Illegal Immigration are what the 2024 election appears to be coming down to. The question remains to be seen however: Which issue will be perceived as the greater threat by the greatest mass of the American people?

While the abortion issue was very hot as a result of the recent Supreme Court decision and is still the one issue many Democrat ladies will make their decision on. Although it seems a bit in the rear-view mirror today compared to the Democrat party initiated Illegal Immigrant invasion of America. Or maybe that's just me?

On the abortion issue the argument is that Trump through his choices regarding the Supreme Court has resulted in the reversal of Roe V Wade. And the Roe V Wade case established abortion across state borders in America. But most legal scholars agree that the courts previous Roe V Wade decision went too far, was Constitutionally incorrect and turned a sovereign state's Rights issue into a Federal Rights issue.

*Federal powers regarding individual Rights are specifically enumerated and limited in the Constitution. And what powers are not enumerated in the Constitution regarding Federal powers goes to the states, as per the Tenth Amendment. The abortion issue is not enumerated in the Constitution and so the abortion issue is a state's issue. That is the technical legal logic explanation of a very emotional, personal and weighty issue.

Trump says he is proud to take steps to protect the unborn: 6 min.

I think most Americans generally agree with this quote on the subject by former president, William J. Clinton: Abortion should not only be safe and legal, it should be rare.

And I personally tend to agree with that statement.

What is the governments I.E. the Constitutions interest in this issue? At what point is a baby considered a viable individual and accorded with the individual Rights of an American? This is one of those issues that an individual must wrestle with on a moral and logical basis.

 Some things are just none of my business, but if they are going to be let them be based within reason. Understanding that all actions have consequences. Some actions having more consequence than others.

Since I am not a woman and, in an effort, to better understand I once asked a young, what I knew to be a college educated more "progressive" Liberal Democrat woman who gave birth to a beautiful baby boy: If abortion is to be legal at what point should a line be drawn on abortion? Or should there be no line drawn in the interests of a womans Rights?

She very uncomfortably answered: If it has to be it should be limited to the first trimester. Stages of pregnancy | Office on Women's Health (

Some women? Many women? Women, mostly Liberal Democrats see this issue at the minimum as a fundamental violation of a womans sovereign Rights to control their bodies and they are thus single-issue voters based on it. And in that known quantity they become rich fodder for political manipulators.


And then we have the Illegal Immigration issue where the current president, Joe Biden, who stated in a campaign speech to all illegals to "Surge to the border".

Candidate Joe Biden to illegals: "Surge the border": 14 sec.

Biden's press secretary when asked: "Why doesn't President Biden use his executive order power to control the border?" Answer: "Why should he?".

Why should President Biden do anything, things are going very well regarding the political agenda. Vice president Kamala Harris who is in charge of the border issue has done a stellar job; millions if illegals have fulfilled the president's invitation. If your job description requires you to foster the invasion of America in order to fashion a voting base that will reliably support the Democrat party machine and radical / Leftist /Socialist agenda, well done!

Milton Freidman on open borders and a welfare state: "Nobel prize-winning economist Milton Friedman admonished the Wall Street Journal for its idée fixe on open-border immigration policy. "It's just obvious you can't have free immigration and a welfare state," he warned."

(Id'ee Fixe: An idea that dominates one's mind especially for a prolonged period)

So, the question remains: Which issue, Abortion and a womans Rights and some reasonable limits (The Rights and access to abortion or contraception is not going away).

OR the cynical flooding of America with millions of illegals in order to further and permanently make America a Socialist authoritarian Democrat party machine dominated country (The illegal immigration / invasion on the other hand can be resolved and can be controlled)

Choose wisely America, this is not a rehearsal!

Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 5/23/24

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